Adding An Everpure Water Filter System To Your Home

Water quality has become a hot button issue. The risk of chemical contamination in groundwater and the risk of old pipes and sewer infrastructure have made us more wary of what comes out of our faucets. At efilters we recommend using an Everpure Water Filter System in your home to help alleviate these water borne risks. Adding one of these systems to your home is a great way to know you’re getting clean water from your faucet.

At efilters we are dedicated to providing home filtration solutions to help give homeowners some peace of mind about their drinking water. The reason we offer Everpure systems for home use is because their products are user friendly and don’t require time consuming maintenance. This is one of the reasons Everpure is top choice for commercial grade water filtration systems as well. Standard Everpure systems can remove contaminants .5 microns in size while Everpure’s RO systems can filter down to 0.00001 microns.

The beauty of Everpure water filter systems is they combine amazing filtration power with simple design and maintenance. The filter cartridge design features their unique micro pure media arranged in a pleated design. This helps increase water flow through the filter while maintaining a high surface are in the filter media.

Installing your system can be done without prior experience and only requires a few basic hand tools. The main body of your system will be the filter head. This needs to be mounted under your sink high enough for the cartridge to be easily installed and replaced. Once you have completed this installation, you simply add the attachments needed to your colt water line to feed the filter, and attach the output to your new filtered water faucet. Installing the filtered water faucet will require drilling a small hole in your countertop, which may require special tools depending on your counter material.

If you do not want to add a new faucet to your counters, Everpure has a solution for you. The Everpure PBS 400 is designed to use your existing faucet’s cold water line to deliver your filtered water. This is a perfect option for households with stone countertops or limited counter space. Installing this Everpure water filter system is just as easy as the other models and makes it easier for your guest to enjoy filtered water without having to have the second faucet explained.

No matter which system you choose to install, the maintenance requirements are simple. Unlike cheap pitcher filters, Everpure water filter cartridges will not allow water to pass through once they have reached the end of their lifespan. If you notice your filter starting to slow down, it is probably time for a water filter replacement. The process of changing your filter is about as easy as changing a lightbulb. You simply flip the shutoff valves, screw the old filter out, and screw your new filter into place. Once this is done, you simply open the valves back up and run the system for a few minutes to purge out any air.

So if you are ready to start enjoying your tap water with some extra piece of mind, it’s time to consider an Everpure water filter system. Here at efilters we carry a wide range of these systems so you can find the perfect option for your household based on size, lifespan, and function. If you have any questions about any of the filter systems we carry, you can reach a member of our team at 1-866-283-9919.

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