Accessories That Make Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient

Now that people all over the world are aware of the effects of global warming, there is a collective effort towards protecting the environment. The increasing use of electric vehicles, efforts aimed at harnessing renewable sources of energy as well as the concrete actions taken towards reducing plastic waste are commendable steps that have been taken by people all over the world to help reduce the carbon emissions and save the environment.

As a responsible citizen of Indore, which as you all know has been adjudged the cleanest city in India, I too wanted to do my bit in trying to reduce my carbon footprint and have as such adopted a sustainable lifestyle. Along with the changes that I have made in my lifestyle, I have also done my bit to ensure that my vehicle is more fuel efficient so I can cut down on the consumption as much as possible. I thus went to a reputed shop selling genuine motorcycle spare parts in Indore and learnt all about the accessories that could help in cutting down the vehicle’s emissions. And here’s more on the accessories you too must keep a tab on in order to make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

The Tires:
The tires may not be necessarily termed as an accessory as they are the most essential parts of a vehicle. However, their significance in ensuring a vehicle’s fuel efficiency cannot be undermined at all. You must ensure that the tires are not worn out or over inflated or misaligned as these things put a lot of pressure on the engine and increase fuel consumption. Reputed companies design their tires to be more durable and fuel efficient and it is always advisable to use quality tires for the vehicle. Also, it is always a good practice to check the tire pressure once every morning before setting out with the vehicle so proper action can be taken if it is over or under inflated as both can impact the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Spark Plugs:
The sparks plugs play an important role in getting the engine started and the vehicle moving as they start the internal combustion and help with the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy. Since the spark plugs facilitate the combustion, it is important to ensure that they do not misfire as that decreases the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. (1*)The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence even states that bad spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by up to 30% so it is definitely prudent to ensure that the spark plug is of the best quality and is always up and running so that the vehicle gives good mileage.

Air Filters:
This is another important accessory that must be checked and regularly replaced in order to increase a bike’s fuel efficiency. The air filter acts like the nose and filters out all the particulate impurities from the air before letting it into the engine to facilitate combustion. It is as such quite obvious that the air filter needs to function optimally in order to ensure that the engine is not performing under pressure and thus burning more fuel than what is required. The shop selling bike Spare Parts in Indore that I went to also told me that I could clean the air filter on my own and I have been following their advice ever since and regularly clean the filter on my own now.

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