The highly built, durable AlloyGator Wheel Kerb Protectors are made to withstand the impact of driving over potholes and kerbing. Drive with assurance knowing that your tyres and wheels are protected from damage from the road.

Between the wheel and tyre, AlloyGators extend just a little past the wheel rim. The guard’s rounded edges soften the blow from kerbing and pothole edges, shielding Alloy Wheels Preston from dings and scratches. AlloyGators increase the tensile strength of the tyre wall and cushion the blow from kerb or pothole edges, helping to prevent punctures.

You can install AlloyGators by yourself if you have some basic automotive knowledge and one of our authorised Fitting Kits. If you’d like to leave it to the professionals.

What is so special about the AlloyGator product?

Our exclusive offering, which combines our patented engineering design and Polymer technology, is the secret to AlloyGators success. The product’s strength, durability, and flexibility are all thanks to this technology, which also enables it to absorb impacts more effectively than any other product on the market. Aside from being resistant to dents, scratches, and chips, alloy wheels can tolerate high temperatures without cracking or deteriorating. All of these elements contribute to AlloyGators competitive advantage.

Despite its popularity, AlloyGator isn’t the only device on the market that makes an effort to preserve wheels and tyres in a similar way. But none have been able to compete with it since they can’t give the same level of protection or durability as the AlloyGator product. In order to compete directly with AlloyGator on quality alone, many of these goods had to go back to the drawing board repeatedly, creating countless iterations before finally giving up.

In contrast to other firms in this market, AlloyGator takes pleasure in offering its consumers consistent quality control across all of its goods. By doing this, each customer is guaranteed to receive a product that will not only withstand normal wear and tear but also last over time without requiring frequent replacement or repairs owing to subpar manufacturing practices or the use of inferior materials.

Cons & Pros

The fact that AlloyGators are significantly less prone to damage than the wheels themselves is one of their key advantages. They are constructed from a strong, high-quality plastic that is significantly more impact- and wear-resistant than the alloy wheels they are intended to shield.

AlloyGators, however, have the potential to harm wheels under specific conditions. For instance, if they are improperly installed, they could rub against the wheels and harm them. They could get loose or fall off if they are not correctly fitted.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that AlloyGators are intended to cover the wheel’s outer rim and may not offer adequate protection for the interior of the wheel. This implies that the inner portion of the wheel can still sustain damage if you strike a very large pothole or curb.

Overall, it is evident that AlloyGators can aid in preventing wheel damage brought on by common road hazards. To prevent any potential harm, it is crucial to make sure they are installed properly and securely.

Before using AlloyGators, you should maybe take the following into account:

Cost AlloyGators can be pricey, especially if your automobile is bigger and has more wheels that need to be protected.


Some folks might not like how AlloyGators seem on their vehicles. They might not match the overall design of the car and might be fairly big.

Limited defence

As was already noted, AlloyGators only shield the wheel’s outer rim. They might not offer much defence against damage from major potholes or curbs to the interior of the wheel.


For those who lack a mechanical aptitude, fitting AlloyGators can be a laborious and challenging task. To get them installed properly, you might need to take your automobile to a shop.

Insufficient compatibility

Some wheel types might not be compatible with AlloyGators. They have been difficult to install onto wheels with specific designs or finishes, according to some people.

Lessening of brake cooling

AlloyGators, according to some reports, can limit the airflow via the brake cooling vents, which can cause overheating and poor braking performance. On automobiles designed for the track or with great performance, this is more likely to be a problem.


AlloyGators can be a useful tool for preventing damage to your car’s wheels from common road dangers. They are constructed from a strong, high-quality plastic that is significantly more impact- and wear-resistant than the alloy wheels they are intended to shield.

Cost, look, lack of protection and installation challenges are a few potential drawbacks to take into account. Prior to determining whether AlloyGators are the best option for your car. It is crucial to carefully analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Generally speaking, AlloyGators fitting Preston shouldn’t harm your wheels. However it is always a good idea to adhere to the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer and to confirm that the AlloyGators are securely fastened before driving.