A Puppy Daycare Is Better Than Hiring A Dog Walker

As a pup owner, when you are at work, your pup has no choice, but to spend his day alone in the house, or in the backyard. While this might work in summers, with the onset of winter and the weather turning cold, it becomes a problem as you can’t leave your dog out in the biting cold.

In such a situation you face a dilemma on where to leave your dog while you are away. You have two choices – you can either put him in a day-long Puppy Daycare Edmonton, or hire a professional dog walker to pick your dog from your home and take him out for a walk.

Each option has its own advantages and selection of a choice depends upon your specific situation, members in your family, your working hours, your budget and above all the temperament of your pup and his inclination to go out, exercise and play and socialize with other pups and humans.

As per experts, a puppy daycare works best as it offers you peace of mind and that too at a fraction of the cost. Below are some reasons that help drive the point home:

For how long is your dog alone?

In case you work eight hours a day and the commute is long, then the chances are that time will drag on for your dog and he will get lonely. This might cause anxiety and lead to destructive behavior. In such a situation, it is best to leave your dog in a puppy daycare Edmonton. He will be able to interact and play with other dogs and will be under constant supervision. A dog walker will work, if you are away for 4-5 hours and need someone to take your dog out for a walk, so he may exercise and burn some energy.

Does your dog mingle with other dogs?

Most puppy day care Edmonton conduct a pre-assessment and trial session before letting your dog in. In case your pup clears the assessment, then it can stay in the puppy day care Edmonton. In case your dog is too aggressive, too friendly, or does not like mixing with other dogs, it will fail the assessment. In such a case, you will have no choice but to arrange a dog walker for your pup.

Does your dog show nervousness or anxiety?

Ideally, if your dog does not show signs of nervousness or anxiety when meeting other dogs for the first time, then it is best to consider a puppy daycare Edmonton for him. He will happily love to play, sniff out new friends and romp around with groups of other dogs. While choosing, try and pick up a puppy daycare that separates dogs by sizes. However, in case your dog feels nervous, then it is best to choose a dog walker over a daycare.

Your budget

In case your budget permits then choosing a decent puppy daycare Edmonton is the best bet for you and your dog. You will be able to concentrate on your work in office and your dog will find company with other dogs.

Loneliness and signs of frustration

In case your dog is lonely and frustrated, it will howl and cry and probably chew things in the living room or defecate on your rug or mat. Watch out for such signs and if your dog exhibits them, then it is better to lodge him in a puppy daycare Edmonton, else he might be a nuisance for your family members or for your neighbors.


It is tough to decide whether your dog needs constant engagement, or just a daily walk with a dog walker to exercise and stretch his legs. If the above-mentioned points suit you, then there is nothing better than opting for a puppy daycare Edmonton near your home.

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