A Personalized Glass Box: Beautiful and Functional

If you’re considering giving a personalized glass box but are not sold on the useful role it has the ability to play, think again. In fact, it is not only one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give but with a little ingenuity, it is one of the most useful gifts that can be given to one.

The first piece of the gift is in the obvious thoughtfulness associated with it. Much like personalized jewelry and other decorative items, a Personalized Glass Box is going to be entirely unique to the person that receives it. Beyond this, the right decorative glass box is going to be a piece of art, similar to a graven statuette or a framed work that might be displayed on a wall. When flanked by accents and given a place of honor, the box itself assumes the privilege of display. That is even when no thought is given to location, but when a glass box is placed in an advantageous location wherein it will be subject to the changing rays of natural light, its value as a piece of art will really shine through. With the subdued rising and setting sun and even with the moon as well as with the radiant midday sun, the bevels and ripples of a glass box become a prism in a light display, creating rainbows and crystalline rays of clarity to dazzle the casual observer.

So the value of a glass box as a piece of art is well established, but its utility goes far beyond that – it’s basically a much more classy valet tray. A keepsake box is essentially a place for sundry minutiae to find a temporary (or even a permanent) home so as not to become wayward and eventually lost. Anything that is needed periodically but without enough consistency to earn a special place can be confidently stowed in such a box without fear of misplacement.

There you have it – a personalized glass box is a piece of art and serves a definite function. The next question is where to get one? Well, don’t just settle, go for the best. The most unique and particularly crafted glass boxes can be found at J Devlin Glass Art. J Devlin Glass Art has boxes that you can not only personalize as a gift but which feature attractive patterning in their panels and beveling to get the most out of their refractory capabilities as well as attractive metal lattice, scrollwork, and accents.

Go with a model like their Monogrammed Personalized Engraved Box, which can be displayed empty for its beauty in the light or for its use as storage. This model’s attractively beveled and polished panes can be personalized with a monogram engraving. Equally attractive is their Personalized Beveled Glass Box, with its architectural glass sides, iridescent bottom and beveled top pane, it is the perfect mixture of luminous aesthetics. It can be engraved as you please for special occasions of all natures.

You’ll find other beautiful glass boxes with stained colored panes, dappled and rippled panes, and attractive lead-free metal fixtures and features to optimize the appeal of these pieces of art. All that’s needed is situation in a place of honor to catch the light for their beauty to be fully appreciated. The best part of J Devlin Glass Art’s products is that they are all meticulously designed and then handcrafted for quality that simply can’t be reproduced in mass-produced goods. With J Devlin Glass Art, you get only glassworks of artisanal quality, which is the sort of gift you set out to find anyway, and while there were never any doubts about the beauty of such pieces and none remaining of their myriad of purposes, head to JDevlinGlassArt.com today and pick your favorite.

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