A Pair Of Mezlan Shoes Is The Paragon Of Fashionable Quality

In every industry there are names that set the trends and define the styles, and then there are brands that follow the trends that others have set. Typically, the trendsetters arrive on the scene long before living memory and set a tone that lasts throughout generations. That’s why we have classic designs in clothing, outerwear and footwear that have their origins before living memory.

Sometimes, however, there are craftsmen that redefine style and image and set their own trends despite the competition of tradition. Sometimes these stylists take advantage of some of the attractive elements of tradition in order to extract every drop from the opportunity before them. Oftentimes their products are an interesting and refreshing mix of classic elements and novel designs.

One of the names in the industry for footwear that has set trends is Mezlan Shoes. Mezlan has it origins in Almansa, Spain, a town renowned for its shoemakers that has been called Spain’s shoemaking capital. Integrating the rich color and tradition of Castile-La Mancha into its every design and product, the owner and founder of Mezlan Shoes Antonia Sanchez drew from his experiences, travels and innate sense of taste to produce some of the finest designs in footwear the world has ever seen.

The designers at Mezlan have incorporated innovative vision into their designs. It’s customary to see a pair of classic black leather shoes bearing their name but in no way surprising to see a design that draws from many different elements of style to put a twist on the image of their shoes. To get a sense of the peerless senses of taste and style that are called out in every example of Mezlan Shoes one has only to take a look at some of their products.

Take a look, for example, at their Murino Black Calfskin/Deerskin Oxford cap toes. This is as demure a pair of black cap toe dress shoes as you might hope to expect, and that is in no way a slight. Mezlan set out to design a classic pair of black dress shoes with attractive broguing across the toe and vamp and that is exactly what they did. The incorporation of deerskin into its construction is as iconoclastic as they’ve gotten with this pair of shoes and if anything it only adds distinction. This pair of shoes is perfect for pairing with a suit or with business casual wear, simple enough to suit a formal occasion but still with a refined poise.

The above is an example of the timeless sense of class that Mezlan can breathe effortlessly into a pair of shoes. If you are interested in how they can rock the boat while still providing a whole heap of class, take a look at their Mezlan Haydn Black Calfskin Wingtip Bluchers. Departing only slightly from traditional design, these shoes feature eye-catching patterning in the designs of the leather constituting the vamp and facing.

Consider also their Kassel Blue Suede Bluchers that make the most of beautiful blue English suede. The design is classic enough – it is almost reminiscent of a Chukka boot, but lacing and welt stitching provide a pleasing degree of contrast in bright white. It adds a whole other dimension to the package.

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