A Lazy Person’s Realistic Guide to Getting Fit

Do you prefer sweatpants to sweating? Watching TV instead of doing yoga, and crunching on your favourite snacks rather than performing actual crunches? Don’t worry we understand you! Exercise sounds great and all, however, when it comes to actually having to do it, it’s a different story. Most of the time, if you’re lazy, there’s always an excuse. You may say that it’s too cold to run outside, too hot to run outside, or you don’t have the money to afford a gym membership. 

Laziness and healthy activity go collectively a bit enjoyably—you just need to know how to make use of both. If you’re just beginning your goal to be fit, your stamina doesn’t tend to be excellent. It will take you some time to get there. If you want to be fit without feeling any pain, then read this! 

First Thing to Do: Accept the Fact That You’re Lazy 

The best way to work past your lazy self is to with your lazy nature. You can’t be a new person one morning immediately, so accept yourself. No lazy person will instantly wake up one morning and be a hyper-motivated person. Accept first that you have that type of personality trait which makes exercise totally unappealing. After accepting yourself for who you are, you can begin to work past it. 

Do Some Walking 20 Minutes a Day 

Instead of taking public transport, it would be nice sometimes to use the legs you were given and get moving. Try to walk at least 20 minutes a day that can add to the improvement of your health. This is probably the easiest form of exercise since you can fit it into your daily schedule, and you don’t have to gasp for breath. Plus, make this the perfect excuse to get a dog. 

Stand Up At Least Every Hour

A lot of research already found out that sitting all day is bad for us, being hunched over a keyboard and not being able to go out for lunch because we’re too busy. If you’re doing these things, stop now! Do some effort to get up at least once an hour like simply going to the toilet, walking around the house, do some five jumping jacks, or make some tea. We also suggest buying a smartwatch and it’ll buzz at you every time it hits ten to the hour if it hasn’t detected you standing up at all. 

Get Moving at Home 

Getting fit doesn’t mean you have to leave the house! You can even turn your living room into a temporary home gym, or find extra space for it that won’t require you to make the commute to the gym. If you’re too lazy to get out of the house, do some lunges, tricep dips, and ab crunches from the comfort of your own home. You can check simple exercises online that you can do at home.

Short is Good (Don’t Worry About How Long Your Work Out is) 

Although the shorter period of exercises may not be better, for lazy people, it’s already good. As a matter of fact, it’s perfectly okay to stop focusing for a 30-or 60-minute workout. To achieve a 30-minute workout, try to divide it—10 minutes before breakfast, 10 minutes before lunch, and 10 minutes in the evening. 

These short workouts may seem simple, but this type of efficient workout is the way to go. Just remember that getting better is better than longer and harder. It doesn’t matter what quality of workout you have and how long it is. Any exercise is great and the most necessary thing when first starting out to just get moving in the first place. The important thing is you’re doing something, that’s what truly matters. 

Get in Action During the Adverts 

Lazy people love to sit on their sofa and watch TV, which is okay. Why? You may combine this activity as you exercise, and time your mini-workouts to be just as long as the ads. For instance, you may do a five-minute circuit of burpees, lunges, squats, and any exercise you prefer during the ads. After the ads, you can go back again watching the movie. Doing these simple stuff can make a difference.

Run Using One Song 

Most of the time, being too pushy on yourself will just make you feel awful if you can’t do the whole workout. Why not just run the length of one song? So make it a good one and you won’t even notice when the 3.5 minutes are over. And if you love music, you might even find yourself volunteering for the marathon. 


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