First of all, the most essential thing in your vehicle is the tyres, and there’s absolutely no denying it. From controlling your car in direction to carrying the load of the vehicle, the tyres perform all of the tasks. Just think about it, can you imagine driving your vehicle without tyres on its wheels? Pneumatic tyres were first introduced by John Boyd Dunlop in the year October 1887. The first tyre ever was invented for a tricycle, which Dunlop made for his son. That time the tyre was made of sheet rubber. Afterwards, Andre Michelin introduced tyres for the automobiles in the year 1895.

There are different brands of tyres available in the market these days, and with different brands come various sizes and types. Yes, in case you don’t know that there are different types of tyres available for different occasions. It also depends upon the location where you live. There are a lot of good options for Tyres Bredbury garages. Let’s gather more information about tyres to make it easy for you to choose wisely.


  1.  To provide contact between the ground and vehicle– It’s an undeniable fact that tyres are the only thing to ensure that facility.
  2.  To carry the load of vehicle– As tyres are the only one to maintain contact with the car and ground, it has to carry the weight of the car too.
  3.  Maintain directional control– With all the other features in your car to control the direction, tyres also play a significant role in it.
  4.  Helps to put a brake– It’s not even worth imagining putting brakes on your vehicle without tyres. Tyres provide grip to hold your car in a certain movement.
  5.  Help with appearance– Tyres are the external part of your vehicle that plays a major role in the appearance of any vehicle. Nice and robust looking tyres create a decent profile for your vehicle.

These were the few important parts of the tyres in any vehicle. Now let’s have a look of types of tyres available in markets.


There are numbers of tyres, with their own speciality, available in the market. Let’s have a look at some basic and most demanded types of tyres in the market-

Summer tyres– As per its name, these are the tyres that are known to be suitable for the summer season. It is designed in the way to bear the heat of the roads in the summer and provide you with a comfortable ride.

Winter tyres- These tyres are designed to provide you with a ride, without hindrance, in the winter season. The United Kingdom is usually known to have low temperature in comparison to places around where people find it easy to drive with winter tyres installed in their vehicle.

All-Season tyres– All season tyres are made for every temperature. These are the tyres that you can prefer if you live in an area with not so heavy temperature. You can also prefer these tyres if your vehicle doesn’t go out much on the road.

Summer and winter tyres are specially designed for specific seasons whereas all-season-tyres are made for all seasons. If you want to install any of these Tyres Manchester is the place for you to visit. Remember to choose wisely, Good Luck!

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