A Guide To Adding Plants To Your Home

Indoor plants are a popular aspect of home décor, and for an excellent purpose. Plants have been demonstrated to provide numerous health advantages, including regulating emotions and lowering anxiety. Even better, most types only require watering once or twice a week. As a result, they provide a great deal of satisfaction for a small amount of effort. They’re also really attractive.

How do houseplants benefit your home?

Bringing just a little portion of nature indoors has been shown to improve our well being, so it seems logical that bringing a small fragment of nature indoors can have a similar impact. It could even improve the quality of the air you inhale.

Taking care of an indoor plant may appear to be a nuisance, but there are benefits. Watering or cleaning down leaves necessitates time away from electronics and encourages attention. Plants can help you focus and become more productive at work, so they’re essential for your home office.

Furthermore, lush greenery provides a welcome reprieve from technologies and refreshes sensibilities. Put one in your bedroom as well, as it may assist you in falling asleep at night. Lavender, for example, is well-known for its natural propensity to aid sleep. Alovera can help with air quality, whereas jasmine and peace lilies can help with relaxation and humidity. Adding houseplants to your house is yet another way of creating a ‘Zen’ environment.

How to use indoor plants to adorn your residence?

The concept of creating a tropical haven inside your own house is appealing, and adorning with plants is quite easy. If you’re just getting started with your small garden, commence modestly and gradually add plantings.

Opt for houseplants that complement one other and go well with your decor. On social apps, you’ll find a wealth of ideas.

In terms of indoor plants, the traditional ‘rule of three’ is ideal. To make it aesthetically attractive, mix and match the shapes and sizes. Place one of these in a basket or on a planting stand, and make sure to read the care instructions before placing it in direct sunlight — certain plants don’t like it. Hanging houseplants are also a terrific addition to any room, especially the kitchenette, bathroom, or tiny space. For example, a large, eye-catching plant can serve as a great  in a living space.

Keep in mind that not all types are suitable for children, just double-check before ordering.

The best houseplants to have in your residence

Big or small, there are so many plants to add to your indoor sanctuary. They are suitable for a wide range of abilities, and some are more popular than others.

Here are our top three picks, along with why they’re the favorites :

  • The Zanzibar plant (zamioculcas zamifolia) is a robust, low-maintenance plant. It has gorgeous, lustrous green leaves.
  • A spider plant (Chlorophytum) is a nostalgic classic from the 1970s that has come back into style. It should be placed in a starburst pattern, but not in the bright sun. It can withstand spells of drought for prolonged durations of time.
  • The Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) is a prominent and kid indoor plant that thrives in humid areas and bright light. It is important to note that the soil must remain moist.

In any case, if you prefer to purchase affordable apartments in South Kolkata or elsewhere in India, you can use this guide to add plants to your dream home. However, they still require some care since they can become dust collectors. Make sure to clean the bases and leaves regularly.

Wrapping Up

Modern interior decorating includes indoor plants, and for good reason. There are many health benefits of adding plants to the home, including better moods and a stress reduction. However, if you choose to purchase apartments in a residential project near Batanagar, Kolkata or elsewhere in India, here are some tips to help you incorporate plants into your dream home. There are so many plants you can decide from, and they make your home feel like a tranquil haven.


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