A Few Ideas On Designing Your Fireplace Mantel

Are you looking for ideas to design your fireplace mantel? Finding the right fireplace design with the right mantel is of prime value if you are eager to give the room a nice look and create the right ambiance.

The addition of a fireplace in your home will make it appear stylish and luxurious. If you have a fireplace in your room, make sure that you are making the best use of it. There are several mantel designs and choosing the right one from them is vital as a wrong choice can disturb the look of your room.

You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing fireplace mantels. The sleek designs in clean lines look best in the modern and contemporary rooms. Wood mantels with carving are best for cottage-style décor. Regardless of the mantel design you opt for, ensure that it goes with the fireplace surrounding it and the décor of the room.

You can choose from a wide range of fireplace mantel designs. But before you opt for a design, check out the dimensions of the room as well as the décor it has.

This will stop you from opting for a design that does not go with the overall décor of the room. If your living room is not very big, don’t expect that an oversized mantel with carvings and ornate details would look good. In fact, this would present the appearance of a cluttered look.

The purpose behind Mantel Usage

Mantel acts as a decorative element in a room and can be the focal point in a room. Regardless of whether it is the dining room, living room, or bedroom, a mantel has the capacity to change an ordinary fireplace into an extraordinary one.


Some of the most common mantels are made using marble, wood, and stone. The stone mantels, suitable for larger fireplaces, are available in different types and colours of stone, including concrete, granite, and limestone. The wood mantels are made using multiple varieties of hardwood like oak, cherry, and cedar. The wood mantels can be stained or painted, unlike the stone mantels.

The marble mantels aid the creation of a rich and elegant look. This is suitable for formal décor. Marble is hard and owing to the hard nature of the material, the mantel turns out to be long-lasting as well as sturdy.

Mantels help to frame out the fireplace making it appear more attractive. It is often the place holding the special heirlooms of the family, important photographs, or even Christmas stockings.

The questions that people ask before choosing a mantel are: what could be the best material for one; and what is the right way to choose the right fireplace mantel?

The most significant thing here is that it should match the design of the fireplace and the interior décor; as already said. If you are not looking for dramatic contrast, it is better to design the fireplace keeping in mind these aspects. You can consider accessorising it with candles, sculptures, family photos, and paintings to create that personal touch.

Let’s have a look at some mantel designs, now.

Customised Mantels

If you have a small room, you can consider this design. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to design if you are looking for sleek design but want to make it the focal point of the room. If your room is not very big, avoid the ones that come with ornately carved designs. Opt for the mantels available in lighter shades like blue, white, or beige.

Stone Mantel

If you love a sleek look, opt for polished black granite or the slate stones. They will give a sleek as well as streamlined appearance. If you love a unique look, do not cover the area with the decorative pieces. Place a mirror on it.

Stone mantels look good only in the bigger rooms. Don’t opt for it if you have a small room. This will give a rustic and laidback look to your room. You can get an organic feel by opting for the pieces that use pebbles and stones instead of the quarry stones. You can add a rustic mantel shelf.

Rustic style chiefly focuses on warmth and comfort.

Wood Mantel

If you love traditional looks, this is the way to go. Wood mantels have been popular for a long time and you have different options to choose from, as well. If you have a small room, go for the sleek ones with minimal carving. If you love ornate decorations and have a big living room, you can go for the ornately carved mantels.

Several options are available, regardless of the size of your room and your preferred style. Just check out on the available options and think whether the mantel would go with the look of your room. Done that? You are ready to go, now. Get your chosen fireplace mantel and have a nice time enjoying the blaze.

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