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Have you started losing your precious locks? If you are in your 30s and facing a persistent problem, you are not alone. Millions and millions of people across the globe also suffer from this problem. If you have accepted your rapid loss of hair, it’s up to you. Only the majority experience a major dip in confidence levels and struggle to socialize. 

As you can find an affordable hair transplant in Dubai, you must learn about the popular hair loss treatments. The article details everything you need to know about hair transplant procedures. Let’s take a look below! 

Reasons behind Hair Loss in Dubai 

Affordable hair transplant treatments are growing popular in Dubai because of more young men experiencing hair loss. On an average 40% of the global male population suffers from hair loss during their lifetime. However, 60% of the male population in Dubai faces hair loss. 

Some studies suggest that extreme weather and pollution are the primary factors. But genetics cannot be overlooked. Medical professionals cannot perform the surgery on a bald head, so you cannot wait till the complete loss of hair.

For women, hair loss starts during their adolescent period. The rate of hair fall increases at the time of menopause. Medical treatments, thyroid, and emotional and physical stress are commonly found factors for hair loss. 

Many patients notice that hair thinning becomes persistent when they are working hard or grieving. Moreover, men and women often miss that hair loss is a common problem among individuals with underlying health conditions.  

Why Surgeons Prefer Follicular Hair Extraction 

Also known as FUE, the procedure requires surgeons to take out hair follicles from the scalp and insert them into the balding area. The popularity of the FUE has currently surpassed that of the FUT procedure. For Follicular Hair Extraction, professionals use micro punches that leave zero signs of extraction. 

As the signs of extraction are invisible to naked eyes, it is a convenient process. The treatment spans over 2-4 hours and requires more than one session. It is an outpatient process; therefore, you can get back to work in no time. You should consult with an experienced dermatologist specializing in affordable hair transplants in Dubai. 

Moreover, the procedure is considered completely safe because of minor incisions and tiny scars. There may be temporary side effects like bruising, swelling, or sensitivity that vanish after a couple of days. 

FUE is safe, but you cannot expect hair to grow back immediately after the surgery. However, this does not mean the surgery is less than effective. Usually, the hair transplant shows significant results after 3-4 months. 

The Right Time for Hair Transplant in Dubai 

Age is no bar, as long as you are an adult. You must have noticed that Wayne Rooney, the famous English footballer, underwent the procedure at the age of 25. In the mid-20s, many individuals start going bald. It’s better to undergo the procedure in your 20s or 30s than in old age. When a patient enters his 30s, he knows the hair he has got. 

Once your hairline is all settled, going for a hair transplant is a smart move. After the surgery, hair grows thicker while the rest of the hair thins out. This looks rather awkward; hence, young people need more sessions for the best results. 

Things to Do After the Hair Transplant 

Recovery downtime for an affordable hair transplant in Dubai is low. You can bounce back from discomfort or swelling within a few days. For retaining the positive results, you should be careful about not washing your hair for at least 3 days. When you need to wash your hair, you can use a gentle shampoo. 

The hair transplantation procedure does not carry on for more than 4 hours, but you can take the day off to rest. Avoid wearing hats or covering your head. Also, put off the thought of challenging workouts throughout the week.  

Another Alternative: Laser Therapy for Hair Loss 

You might have heard of laser therapy for removing body hair. But laser therapy for hair loss treatment in Dubai has gone up the ladder of popularity. Low-level laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure which is safe for stimulating hair follicles. As a result, you can get fuller and thicker hair. 

Laser therapy is an answer to men and women experiencing hair thinning. This means the treatment is widely effective for the early stages of hair loss. If you suffer from alopecia, the therapy can promote hair growth. 

Besides being non-invasive, boosting hair growth, and showing no side effects, laser therapy can further decrease hair loss and enhance the density of hair. However, the journey differs from one person to another. Some patients see hair bouncing back quickly after the surgery, but some have to wait for several months to see the desired results. 

Looking for an Affordable Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai? 

Finding the best hair transplant clinic is a daunting task. As you are likely to kick off the process with Google searches, you should go through the reviews. Whether the hair transplant clinic has a customer-oriented approach, offers personalized services, works with a team of expert surgeons, and ensures reasonable prices – these answers are easy to find in the reviews. 

Apart from reviews, you can directly ask the clinic about the doctors and their qualifications. You should do research on your own and find out if any disparity appears. It is crucial to know who will be handling your case and surgery. 

Of course, gathering a substantial amount of information about the clinic and surgeon is not enough. You should raise further queries about the types of procedures that may fulfill your unique needs. 

Final Takeaway 

Whether you are looking for a follicular hair extraction or laser therapy for hair loss treatment in Dubai, you should contact Padra Clinic. The hair transplant clinic is well-equipped with the latest equipment and medical professionals for natural-looking results. Contact Padra Clinic today and benefit from the procedure and gain back your confidence!  

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