A Comprehensive Guide on Different Types of Tyres

We experience driving in different kinds of weather conditions. It can be snow cold or boiling out there, but our car gives us the luxury to drive around without worrying about frostbite or suntan. In addition to being a luxurious car, a great set of tyres add stars to our driving experience. Tyres as we all know offers the stability to accelerate, brake or corner the car. Therefore, to avoid skidding on glassy roads or blowout on hot grounds, different tyres are designed for different weather conditions. There are mainly three kinds of tyres, summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Let us discuss them further.

All-Season Tyres

As the name suggests summer tyres are for summers whereas winter tyres are for the winter season. But changing tyres every season sounds so exhausting and needless sometimes. That is we offer you all-season Car Tyres Plaistow. All-season tyres are suitable for both warm and cold weather. Although they are not meant for extreme weather conditions, they work quite well in moderate climates. These tyres can sustain in temperatures up to 4°C. All-season tyres are cost-effective and offer maximum traction on water-filled roads. These tyres have a combination of rigid rubber and tread compounds. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of these tyres.

Summer Tyres

We usually prefer cars over public transportation in hot weather. Summer tyres are best suited for temperatures rising 7°C. These tyres offer the best performance and great traction on dry and wet roads. Although they can not sustain in cold weather because the rubber compound begins to harden in temperatures below 7°C. Summer tyres can adapt to higher temperatures and remain hard. Which in turn offer low friction. Hence summer tyres are more fuel-efficient. Also, summer tyres have fewer sipes and tread bars as compared to winter tyres which prevent aquaplaning.

Winter Tyres

Just like walking in snowy or cold weather conditions without proper gear can end up giving you frostbites. Similarly, tyres can also end up being a dead weight if not chosen wisely for cold conditions. Winter tyres are the best-suited tyres for extremely cold weather conditions. People living at higher altitudes where temperatures drop below 7°C have to use winter tyres only.

Now you must think about what is so unique about winter tyres. Winter tyres offer excellent traction on icy, glassy or snowy roads. In addition to that, it offers breaking ability without skidding. The tyres are designed to resist hydroplaning as well. On top of all that the rubber compound of the winter tyres provides flexibility to the tyres.

These tyres comprise a deep tread pattern. As we all already know treads are necessary for traction. They allow you to move forward on glassy or snowy surfaces without slipping. These treads also gather the snow which in turn intensify the grip effect. Besides deep treads winter tyres has thousands of grooves or sipes in their tread blocks. They displace water and prevent aquaplaning. These grooves also bite deep into the snow or ice and further provide optimal grip on the ground.

The rubber compound of winter tyres is also exceptional. With the decrease in temperature, the rubber starts to harden. Which mean it won’t be able to offer grip as a hard tyre is not able to grip on the icy or snowy ground. That is why winter tyres have natural rubber which keeps them loose-limbed in cold weather conditions. The rubber keeps the tyre soft and enough flexible to cling to the ground and move forward without skidding.

Many people think they can keep using the all-season tyres throughout the years. Here is where they are mistaken. If you keep using summer tyres and all-season tyres even in temperatures below 7°C and 4°C respectively, you might end up with dead tyred in the middle of the road. These tyres can not sustain so much cold. That is why they need to be replaced with winter tyres in extremely cold temperatures.

Winter tyres are a measure for safety concerns. They seem expensive now but when stored and maintained properly they are cost-effective. We understand it seems like a burden on your pockets. Even the store owners have to face this challenge. But your security is quite necessary to get winter tyres. You can visit us for Winter Tyres Plaistow.

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