A Complete Guide to Our Custom Made Face Masks

In the event that you missed the declaration, not long ago we began offering custom marked face masks. (Which likely is the most looked for after product of 2020!) Prior to this, we had numerous customers inquiring as to whether we had them, in the event that we could help hotspot for them and on the off chance that we could print on them. Furthermore, with the administrations implementing the utilization of masks in broad daylight, we figured we’d do our part to assist organizations with guaranteeing the wellbeing of their representatives by making them accessible on our website.

Also, with this item dispatch came a great deal of energy, a ton of intrigue, and obviously a ton of inquiries – like “Would I be able to print on masks?” and “What are these made out of?” and “Do non-clinical masks even isn’t that right?”

These are all valid questions as the popularity of face masks (particularly custom ones) went from 0–100 in about a day or two. With that, we want to make sure you’re informed. So in this post, we’ll cover all your questions on our reusable masks!

What type of face masks do you offer?

Right Now, we’re offering reusable face masks that are produced made of cotton. They’re water repellent, breathable and fits consummately on your face. They likewise accompany an excellent channel that fits in the cover.

Are your face masks direct substitutes for medical-grade masks?

Our fabric face masks are not a 1-to-1 substitute for medical-grade masks. Notwithstanding, with medical evaluation masks hard to come by, it’s ideal to spare them for bleeding-edge laborers who are putting their wellbeing in danger every day. In case you’re not a bleeding-edge laborer, we’d empower settling on a launderable, reusable fabric mask. For most everyday uses like rushing to the supermarket, pharmacy, or working within a café, our reusable face mask will secure you and everyone around you very well.

Can I wash the face masks?

Yes, after several uses you may wash the face masks and reuse again.

Are the face masks breathable?

The reusable face mask comes with great protection without the unnecessary strain on your heart. And compared with the all famous N95 masks, it’s definitely more breathable.

Can I print several colors on the mask?

Yes, but there’ll be extra charges. Find out more about us.

If you’d like more information on the masks, feel free to have a chat with our team! We’re happy to hand-hold you through this process to ensure you get all the info you need to brief your team. These masks are sold at cost, so do spread the good word.

Stay safe everyone!

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