A Cheap Drain Snake Doesn’t Have To Mean Poor Quality

You might be shopping for a Cheap Drain Snake, and the old saying is that you get what you pay for. There is another saying that if you’re in for a dime, you’re in for a dollar. But why should we have to listen to those old worn out maxims? It’s almost 2020 – shouldn’t you be able to find a cheap drain snake and get some serious quality in it too?

Well, oftentimes, a cheap drain snake means poor quality steel. Steel that is too brittle, not strong enough, or takes a set when stressed and bends are all forms of poor quality steel or steel that has not been treated properly during production. A cheap drain snake might mean that your equipment would prove inadequate to clear the obstruction you were working on or be able to tolerate the rigors and torque your drain machine put on it. A quality drain snake needs strength, flexibility, and durability. It needs to be able to navigate the tight, unforgiving recesses of drains, day in and day out, without breaking, bending or deforming. If it can’t do these things, it’s not just a cheap drain snake, it’s a low-quality drain snake.

But right now, at Duracable.com, they’re changing that whole notion of poor quality being married to price. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get a quality drain snake at a fair price, and when you shop through the drain snakes at Duracable.com and get to know a little more about their processes, that’s exactly what you’ll discover too.

Duracable proudly manufactures all of its drain cables right here in the U.S. up to particularly exacting standards. Their drain snakes have to meet certain criteria for hardness, strength, flexibility, and resilience. If any batch of snakes fails any testing at any point in the process, the entire lot gets thrown out. It’s a revolutionary form of quality control, getting rid of a potentially good product just because there’s a possibility that some poor quality was leftover in the batch. However, it’s exactly that unflinching commitment to quality that ensures that everything Duracable sells will live up to their standards – and hopefully yours – for what constitutes a quality drain snake. It just so happens, however, that they happen to be cheap too.

As far as Duracable is concerned, it doesn’t really matter if your drain snakes are destined to service kitchen sink drains, shower drains or if they’ll be hooked up to a toilet auger. They are just bent on getting you the toughest, hardest drain cable out there and offering it at fair rates.

Their quality extends beyond the actual drain snake itself, too. It’s pretty common to ship drain snakes with no other protection but a couple of cables or elastic bands securing the drain snake in a coil. No big surprise here, but those bands that are intended to secure the drain snakes in shipping actually can be more of a danger to them than a safeguard. Those bands often put significant pressure and stresses on drain cables and predispose them to failure before they even reach their final destination.

Duracable ships their cables in a carton of their own design that’s intended to prevent damage to drain cables during shipment and makes it easier for you to load the cables onto your drain machine when they get to you. Duracable also covers its drain cables with a 30-day guarantee. Anyone who’s ever put a drain cable to hard use can say that’s quite a generous guarantee, and Duracable is proud to make it. Make your next cheap drain snake a quality drain snake – get your next drain snake at Duracable.com.

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