A brief idea about channel letters sign

Channel letters sign is also referred to as the halo lit letter signs or the letter signs with backlit. These are the signs that are known basically for their typically illuminated with neon. By most of the business owners, these signs are often used in order to display information related to their business.


The raceway mounted channel letters sing is one of the types, which is in demand nowadays. The letters of the sign are attached with a box that is called a raceway and that is rectangular in shape. This box generally helps to mount the letters and serves as the housing for wiring, electrical components, and transformers needed to make the lights functioning.

If the channel letters are within the raceway, then it becomes way easier to get that sign installed. Along with that, channel letters are very easy to wire from inside of the wall as that only requires pushing a few of the wires instead of several wires that are used for other sign installation processes.

These signs are easy to be mounted directly on the wall. Most of the time, people prefer to have signs with mounted letters to make that look attractive. While mounting these letters individually, the person who will be hanging the letters must lay out a mounting pattern directly on the exact place of the wall.


The process of installing these signs can take a bit longer but is way easier to execute compared with the signs that are installed on the raceway. Open face channel letters sign is also there that are built in a similar manner to the standard channel letters. However, these signs can be mounted on the raceway or individually.

These open channel letters are not actually open, they have a clear face than the colored plastic face. This type of cleared face channel letters sign allows the neon tubing to show through. This makes the signs to be more noticeable at nighttime. If the channel letters contain a colored face, then that will make the color face to overshadow the neon light brightness.

Because of all these features, channel letters are known to be the most spectacular form of lettering for both of the interior and outdoor advertisement. Whether it is about color or the shape, these signs are available in various forms. The latest quality of these signs have the flame resistant and arching on it.

This type of signs has a modern high-density injection molded plastic body to offer protection from the flame and arching. Once these signs are mounted on the building walls or on any other structure, these require minimum or no maintenance for them. For that, these are extremely cost-efficient and effective.

They are easy to install and also at the same time, they come in a variety of Acrylic Face colors. It means buyers will have a lot of options to chose from. Even they can also acquire associated benefits along with the designs they have opted for.