8 Worst Home Upgrades You Need to Avoid

It might be tempting to begin some projects or upgrades for your home that you’ve been thinking about as we are given so much time being stuck inside right now. Before you start picking up a sledgehammer and proceed to renovate your home, you may want to consider the costs first. A lot of modifications that seem like a nice idea at first may actually lose you money in the long run. So instead of spending your well-earned money to an upgrade that will not even give you any profit at the end, inform yourself with the worst home improvement upgrades that you must avoid according to the suggestions of real estate experts.

So whether you are upgrading for many reasons, here are the worst home renovations you should avoid doing: 


High-End Appliances 

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Are you planning of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a pot filler faucet, a huge Sub-Zero refrigerator, a wine fridge, and a king-size range hood? Although this may surely improve your cooking experience at home, the return on investment in high-end kitchens is strikingly low. Why? Future homebuyers don’t like anything that’s going to be a paramount energy drain. You can ask help from new home builders to guide you with subtle upgrades to your cooking area that won’t need a lot of money and extravagant appliances. 


Luxury Bathroom 

Having your bathroom upgraded can surely be a great investment but it’s easy to go too far. Fireplaces, waterfall, showers, and imported tiles serve to particular tastes that might not suit a prospective buyer’s preferences. Moreover, luxury bathrooms don’t instantly add up to the value of your home in proportion to the cost. The additions to your bathroom only redeem a little more than half the price. 

Instead, you may try replacing the once in-demand whirlpool tub with a bigger walk-in shower. Whirpools were the thing for so many years but eventually lost favour as they consume plenty of space and can be harder to clean. If you have another tub for the occasional bubble bath or for giving children a bath, you may want to replace the one in your master bath with a bigger, latest shower. 


Sunroom Addition 

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Homebuilders and designers claim that sunroom addition has one of the smallest ROIs, returning an average of 48.5% of money spent. Also, depending on the materials, features, and size, a sunroom can be one of the most costly home upgrades. 

Here’s a rule of thumb you should follow: large-scale outdoor enhancements should complement the climate. You must consider the weather and seasons in your state to know the value of your house. Take note also that unheated sunrooms are usually ignored when calculating a home’s square footage. 


Overstyled Wallpaper 

You may like having zebra or banana leaf prints wallpapers for your hope but you’ll be surprised that a lot of buyers are not eager over these styles. Styling your home too much does not mean more money. What you can do is add a fresh coat of paint which goes a long way. 


Walk-in Closet 

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A tiny nursery may seem like a better use if you turn it to storage space, but converting a bedroom no matter how little into a walk-in closet can be a big mistake. If you are removing a bedroom, you are successfully eliminating a room. Most of the time it becomes a psychological barrier for potential buyers, they think for a fact that your house is now ‘smaller’ or provides ‘less’ than other homes in the area. So putting a walk-in closet for your home might not be a cost-effective way to upgrade it. 


Master Suite 

Although you won’t be needing that guest bedroom or office space, knocking down your walls to make a huge room is a mistake. Doing this only restricts the number of bedrooms and functional advantage of the house, which will immediately eliminate those buyers that want an extra bedroom. Once you tear down those walls, your home automatically rates for less. 


Wall-to-Wall Carpet 

Maybe you don’t like the feeling of bare feet on cold ground or floor in the morning, you want something that’s warm and comfy. The unfortunate thing is, you belong in the minority. This is why it would be better to think twice before you go and installing wall-to-wall carpet. A lot of people don’t like to carpets in their home. What’s more appealing to most buyers is hardwood. Hardwood is still sitting on its throne. 


Marble Counters 

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If you’re planning to consider installing marble counters, you need to know that it’s quite expensive, usually at 40$ per square foot. Plus, don’t even expect that these marble counters will help you earn extra money when the time comes that you want to sell your house. They may look really nice, but they quickly and the maintenance is unrealistic; similar to slate, which is also prone to scratches. Instead, opt for a quartz or granite counter. 

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