8 reasons to choose luxury organic bed sheets

Organic is the buzzword when it comes to buying products that are healthy for our body and safe for the environment.

Health conscious consumers want to spend their money on things that are genuine and add value to their personal well-being. This is the simple reason why demand for organic products such as organic food, organic personal care items, and organic cotton is increasing.

Organic cotton is defined as cotton that has a low impact on the environment and has been grown on a farm without the use of harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, it is free from toxic substances and can safely be used to manufacture textile items such as dresses, shirts and trousers, as well as textile items such as luxury organic bed sheets and duvet covers.

Experts and recent health studies recommend use of organic cotton.

Below are some of the reasons that they attribute to the switch:

– Organic bedding is ideal for infants, children and adults
As we spend a third of our life sleeping, it is recommended to use organic bedding. That is because while sleeping our body makes contact with the sheet and we might get exposure to chemicals, pesticides and detergents, in case the sheet is made from conventional cotton. This could be particularly risky for people who have allergies and a sensitive skin.

– Organic bedding is more breathable
Luxury organic bed sheets are made from organic cotton that is more comfortable and breathable. Secondly, it is able to absorb moisture unlike its synthetic counterparts. This ensures that you sleep properly at night without feeling hot or perspiring in bed.

– Organic cotton sheets are free of synthetic dyes and inks
Unlike conventional cotton bed sheets, organic cotton sheets are not dyed or printed during the manufacturing process. Even if they are printed, the inks used are organic and eco-friendly.

– Organic bedding might have wrinkles, but it is safe
You might not be aware, but conventional bed sheets advertised as “wrinkle-free” contain the harmful chemical formaldehyde that prevents wrinkles. This has long-term adverse effects.

– Organic cotton production is sustainable
Organic cotton production requires less water and is done without use of pesticides. This is good for the soil. Secondly, sustainability of future crops, water supplies, and human health is maintained.

– Organic cotton is more tough and durable
Organic cotton fiber is free of chemicals and therefore is quite strong. It is able to better withstand wear and tear than conventional bedding.

– Organic farming helps the farmer community
Farmers growing organic cotton are able to get a higher price for their produce than farmers who grow cotton using conventional means. This improves their livelihood and standard of living.

– Organic cotton has an “appeal”
Organic cotton carries an air of exclusivity, especially luxury organic bed sheets that appear as “chic” and are therefore able to command a premium price in the market. They are branded with the name of well-known retailers and sell in exclusive malls or online stores.

Organic cotton is looked upon as “cool” and influences your status in society

Using organic cotton has become a fashion statement now. Why, because if you use organic cotton, you are perceived as a health conscious person who has a concern for the environment. People look upon you as a caring person and your status in society improves.

If you are conscious of your reputation and want to appear as exclusive and “cool” in your social circle, then it would certainly improve your image by using textile products made from organic cotton.

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