8 Effective Strategies to Surge Salon Revenue in the Wedding Season

Wedding season brings a lot of opportunities to make profit and leave an impression on the clients. A single Indian Wedding also includes a number of functions in it. Moreover, in wedding you can get a lot of customers as bride and groom are the only ones who need to look great. There are many people who dress up and need a make-over for their wedding or for the wedding of their close friends, family members, etc. Hence, every salon owner should be prepared for this season.

If proper planning is done on time, you can make the most from this wedding season. Many salons predetermine their plans and target and work accordingly. The salons that prepare well in advance are the ones that are most benefitted from such situations. Hence, you must do the same.

Effective Tactics to Plunge your Sales in Wedding Season

Wedding season also brings a lot of competition, so what can you do to attract more clients to your salon and make optimum use of the wedding season. Here are some of the effective strategies that you need to implement.

  1. Offer packages – As weddings are quite expensive everyone tries to save money from anywhere possible. People have to purchase heavy clothes, rent a resort or palace, decorations, decorate or redecorate house, catering services, etc. are some of the activities in which people have to incur huge sum of money. Not to forget, beauty treatment is also as much important as the above mentioned activities are.
    Hence, you must help people by offering them various packages so that they can save some dime and you get to surge your revenue. For instance, you can provide a package in which along with 3 bridesmaid makeup the 4th one would be complementary. Also, before the wedding you can give 10% or 20% discount on massages, hair spas, etc. In this manner, you will be able to attract many new clients. If you have a salon software, then make sure these offers are displayed and advertised on various social media platforms.

  1. Discounts – It is similar to the above mentioned point. Other than offers you can also give discounts to people. In packages you accept multiple customers from a single party and get to display your high quality services. Whereas in discounts, you can give these to the other people solely. For instance, special offers or discounts only for the bride and their blood relatives or groom if you have a unisex salon. Also, to the people who have registered for your membership through your salon software or salon app, can avail these discounts.


  1. Share Bride Testimonials – What is better than displaying bride testimonials on your salon software or website, salon app? Most of the people only believe when they see it for themselves. Hence, what you can do to convince your potential clients is to share bride testimonials. The people can directly see it from your website and check if they want to avail your services or not.
    Also, you must mention some of the happy clients’ stories in your website. Let your possible customers get to know how happy and satisfied are the people who avail your service and are recommending you to others. Positive feedback will also uplift your listing on various other social media and on Google. Therefore, make sure to share your clients’ happy stories.


  1. Advertise, Advertise and Advertise – Advertisement is most important part of the running a business. If you opened a new salon or are selling salon software or have started new services, people will not come to know unless you inform them about it. Advertisement is the most significant element in order to attract clients. With the help of them you can bring up to 20 to 30 percent of the clients.
    Make sure you have social media handles on popular social media sites where you can create a page for your salon and post regularly. Also, use digital marketing tools in order to make more profit. If you have salon software or salon management system, then most of them come with inbuilt tools that helps you in marketing. Therefore, whenever you have something such as an offer or discounts for your clients, make sure you advertise them.


  1. Planning Capacity – Another thing to keep in consideration is planning capacity. Since, in the wedding season you not only have to do bride’s make-up but also of her family and friends. Hence, you have to make sure your salon is not over crowed with people and that your products are not out of stock. Make strategies as to how many people can come and get done with their make-over.
    According to your arrangements, stock, demand and needs plan your stock, prepare your workers and make sure no customer is left without satisfied service. If you keep all aspects in mind before executing the final plan, you will be able to carry out things efficiently and will also not face any problem later on.


  1. Collaborate With Others – Collaboration is one of the tactics that will help you in improving your brand’s visibility. Also, collaborating with a huge company will help you to get a client that already has faith in that company. Most of the venue or wedding boutiques, hairstylist, etc. have contact of the people and salons that provides best services. Such people forward or recommend their clients salons and spa centers according to this.
    You can tie-up with them and get in their list. You referral connections and make networks that will in turn help your salon for the better. In this manner, by collaborating with the famous or popular people, you will be able to attract more clients and attain their faith and try to make them your permanent clients.


  1. Create Special Wedding Service Page – This is another effective idea to make people aware of your services. If you have established your online presence through salon software or salon app, then make sure to create a service page. In this service page, mention all your services. Make a separate page for wedding services. There are so many different types of bridal looks available.
    If your salon provides all those services, then mention in on the page and make your clients aware that you are professional bridal specialist. Add some pictures of before and after looks of your previous clients so that the potential customers can see your work and avail your services according. In this manner, creating and displaying your work through wedding page, you will be able to attract many new clients.


  1. Set Genuine Prices – Since it is a wedding season, it does not mean that you surge your prices. According to the quality and affordability, you must set genuine prices for your customers. Salon business is a growing industry which keeps on flourishing. This also means that you have a huge competition to deal with.
    And, in the wedding season other salons also sets discount and offers for their clients. Therefore, if you want to survive and make profit in the wedding season, then you must keep your services at a pocket friendly cost. Display these prices in your salon software or salon app so that people can come to know about it and directly book their appointments.

So, these were some of the most effective and proven tactics that will help you surge your salon revenue in the wedding season. Hence, once again keep in mind to us e your salon software and advertise all your services, discounts and happy client stories so that they can avail your services instantly.

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