8 Different Types of Limos You Can Book

Limousines conjure up ideas of luxury and style. Certainly, they turn heads. Limos are very popular for special occasions like marriages, proms, parties, and going to the airport.

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But do you know about the different types of limousines available and which is best suited for your occasion? Here’s what you should know about limos, their types, and which ones to book.


Types of Limousines

  1. Sedan Limo 

This sedan is a compact limousine that can accommodate 3-4 passengers and is the most cost-effective among all. You can hire this limo for your corporate and business associates to commute from the airport to other places. Style and cost effectiveness are two good reasons for hiring this limo for business travels.

  1. SUV Limo 

Travelling with friends and family to a remote area? Book an SUV limo to travel in comfort. An SUV is bigger than a sedan and often comes equipped with a bar, television, audio systems, and a long trunk for luggage. You can also hire an SUV limo to attend a prom, wedding, or other such occasions where you dress up.

  1. Limo Bus

 Carrying a party around with you? Hire a limo bus to accommodate a huge crowd. This is the biggest vehicle in the limo fleet, with a capacity of over 30 passengers. It houses a restroom, leisure and upholstered sofas, disco floor, bars, lights, et cetera. If you want to put your party on wheels, hire a party limo bus.

  1. Stretch Limo

A stretch limo is the elongated version of a sedan and can accommodate more than four passengers. Depending on the interior, the seats are usually along the sides and at the rear of the limo. Unlike the sedan, this limo comes with a bar, champagne flutes, lights, and an audio-visual system. If you want some privacy, go for a stretch limo.

  1. Hummer Limo

 If you want something rugged-looking and robust, book a Hummer limo. It can accommodate more than a dozen passengers and keep them entertained with casinos, video-game slots, audio-visual systems, and so on.

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  1. Convertible Limo

 A convertible limo allows you to enjoy good weather with its roof open. With the press of a button, you can take advantage of its other amenities while the roof folds back. It can accommodate up to eight people and is good for attending proms, weddings, birthdays, and the likes. There is no reason why you can’t book it for your ride to the airport as well.

  1. Lincoln Limo

 Elegance, style, and luxury make Lincoln the grandest of all limos. It comes with the latest technology, bars, more seating space, navigation and temperature control. If you have a corporate client to impress, pick them up in this airport limo. It is not only elegant and stylish, but Lincoln is also the safest of all the other limos.

  1. Classic Vintage Limo

 Go old school with this classic! They have a bolder design instead of a modern sleek look. This sedan can accommodate four passengers but has enough leg space that regular sedans lack.  And its vintage look is part of its charm. However, not every airport limo service provider will have a classic vintage limo in its fleet.

Sometimes we all need a little luxury. Whether you need an airport limo or one to take you to a highly important business meeting or your prom, determine your needs and make your selection. So, which one of these limos are you thinking of picking this time?

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