8 Common Mistakes to Prevent When Switching Lanes

Mistakes made while driving and switching the lanes are the most frequent causes of car accidents. No matter if you drive on crowded urban roads or on highways, you have to use appropriate lane changing procedures, each time you need to change the lanes.

If you are a new driver or an expert and looking to improve your driving skills and the lifespan of your Michelin Tyres Leamington Spa, here are a few common considerations on how to change lanes that all motorists should know.

  1. On four-lane streets, where two of them go in the same direction while the other two lanes go in the opposite direction, with a median lane right in the middle, the lane to the right is the primary lane, and the left one is used by drivers to safely overtake other cars travelling slower or huge trucks that need to move slowly.
  2. You should avoid driving on the left side for too long. All vehicles use that lane to either exit and enter the road, or in case of an emergency so they can pull over. Move to another lane in order to make way for emergency cars.
  3. Weaving out and in of traffic can result in citations or collisions.
  4. Try to Stay Awake! Changing lanes require extra attention and excellent visibility. Never drive if you are feeling sleepy. If you cannot stay awake, simply pull over and rest, do not risk your life.
  5. Take care of your Tyres Leamington Spamainly if you usually go on long trips. Faulty tyres can be dangerous. So, be conscious of this by planning accordingly. Try to leave early, driving after or before rush hour can save you a lot of time.

How to Switch Lanes Correctly?

Here are some steps that you should take every time you need to change lanes.

  1. When your vehicle is behind another car which is moving quite slower than yours, if you are driving below the speed limit, you are allowed to quickly change to another lane so you can pass the vehicle. First of all, switch on the turn signal to notify other motorists that you intend to move to that lane.
  2. Then, check your side mirrors and rearview for other cars driving on the lane where you plan to switch.
  3. Check your car’s blind spot. It is extremely important to always check your blind spot, especially when you want to change lanes. Also, do not forget to check all your mirrors again.
  4. Slowly steer so your car leaves one lane and then moves to the other one. Try to maintain your current speed and slow down once your vehicle is turning.
  5. Switch off the turn signal. Quickly continue driving as you overtake the slower car.

You must never shift lanes without complying with the above steps. Try to choose the lane that you feel more comfortable with and stick with it. Do not forget to be patient and understanding with other motorists, especially those who tend to drive slowly. Some of them might be new drivers or older people.

Most drivers do not really need to switch lanes so often. While the option to use a different lane to overtake slower cars is extremely convenient, it can also cause serious accidents and puts you at risk. So, remember, whenever you want to switch lanes, you need to check two important things: your mirrors, and your car’s blind spot, and take all the time you need before changing lanes.

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