7 Things To Keep Remember While Capturing Snapshots Of A Truck Accident

Truck accidents are catastrophic and the impacts are even more stressful.

However, recovering compensation for a truck accident is a legally complicated process. There are certain factors that determine the complexity of this process. One of these is the actions you take right after the accident.

Evidence plays a major role in determining who is at fault after the accident. One of the major pieces of evidence that you can collect after a truck accident is visual. Nothing depicts the accident scene better than pictures.

That being said, the pictures will only add value to your case if you know what to photograph. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while taking pictures of the accident scene. Let’s take a look at these here.

1. Take Pictures of the Entire Area

While photographing the accident scene, you should make it a point to capture the whole area instead of sticking to certain specific ones. Every little detail is important. There might be certain details that you might have overlooked at the scene that could have contributed to the accident. The pictures may uncover new evidence that may aid your case in court.

2. Photos Should Show the Position of Vehicles

The vehicles recoil after a crash. The direction of the moving vehicles before and after the crash can be determined to a certain extent by looking at the position of the stationary vehicles after the accident. It can also help in determining the impact of the collision. Therefore, the pictures you take should show the positions of all the vehicles involved in the crash.

3. Take Close-Up Pictures

Close-up pictures can reveal a lot about the accident scene. Certain missed details can become quite clear through these pictures. Close-ups of the damage caused to the vehicles can be helpful for your case even though these might seem insignificant at the beginning. This is because these shots can capture crucial information regarding the accident that shots taken from a distance cannot.

You can include close-up pictures of license plate numbers, damage to guardrails, lamp posts, and so on for securing evidence of the accident.

4. Photos Should be Taken from Multiple Angles

Keep in mind that you should take photos of every detail of the scene from more than one angle. This way, what the first one doesn’t capture may be revealed in the photos of the same object taken from other angles.

5. Capture Skid Marks

Skid marks can tell a lot about the accident. For example, among others, these marks can tell:

  • when the driver began to react to the imminent collision
  • whether the accident resulted from speeding

If there are any skid marks present on the road, you should begin photographing these right from the moment the driver started braking.

6. Include Timestamps and Weather Conditions

You should include timestamps in the photographs you take. Many mobile phone cameras have timestamp options that you can switch on while taking the photographs. If this isn’t possible, you can photograph a watch or other item that shows the time and date of the accident and the time the photographs were taken.

In addition to that, you should also capture the weather conditions at the time of the accident. Regardless of whether it is perfectly sunny or snowing, the jury should know the weather condition the accident occurred in and whether or not that could have contributed to the accident.

7. Take Photos of Your Injuries

Owing to the large size and weight of trucks, collisions with these vehicles can cause severe impacts. The injuries sustained are quite serious and can have permanent impacts on the victims. The photos of the injuries sustained can play a major role in recovering rightful compensation since these photos are proof of the harm caused.

It is advisable to take pictures of the injuries throughout the recovery process since these photos will depict the difficulties that the injuries have caused and how these prevented you from working.

Sometimes aerial photography of the accident scene can also be helpful.

If you live in Texas and have been a victim of a truck accident, you should get in touch with Texas truck wreck attorneys and choose the one best suited to your requirement. Your pictures will help the attorney to ensure that you win the case.

It is important to keep in mind that you should take pictures as soon as possible since the accident scene may get contaminated with time. Also, the more the number of pictures you take, the more helpful it will be for your case.

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