7 Things That Make the Online Poker Game a Profitable Business

A recent report revealed that India’s start-up in online poker raised to a whopping $120 million by the end of 2019. Surprising isn’t it! It would be great to learn how these poker platforms are earning so much. In India, there are more than 50,000 people who are currently playing Poker games on various homegrown platforms. There are several examples of such platforms such as Adda 52, Dangal, Spartan Poker, Pokerstars etc. so what exactly makes it a profitable business, let’s see as we proceed with this article. 

A survey suggests that over 100 million people play online poker games across the world. There is no surprise about the fact that the business and craze is also growing in India, and experts predict the same in the near future as well. 

On average, an online poker software provider charges 3%-4% service fee on every player. Let’s see in detail what makes it a profitable business and what are the source of income out of it. 

Here is How a Business Earns Money From the Poker Game

There are several direct and indirect methods by which investors could earn money:

1. Advertisement: A basic but important way to earn is advertising for others on your platform.

2. Rake: It is a percentage of the pot that goes to the respective house (usually varies based on stake / e.g. 5% capped at $3). It is the commission fee taken by the respective cardroom operating a poker game and is the most common practice for online and offline poker.

3. Charges: The fee players pay at the time of the tournament. It is around 10% of the buy-in.

4. Time Drop: This is a time- based earning, a time-based membership charge. This may be recurring as well.

5. Marketing: It’s a kind of indirect way to gain profit. The online platform makes a lot of profit through advertising and marketing for different other things.

6. Player’s Investment: One of the biggest sources of earning is the player’s investment. This is in the form of real money. Leftovers of player’s deposits form investment for investors and hence make the base for business.

7. Cover Charge: It’s a kind of safe deposit that players make during their entry into the game. These are among the several other means investors can earn profit from online poker games. Now let’s see how this poker business works.

Factors that Affect the Growth of Poker Industry

With the exponential rise in social media and allied platform, online poker gave investors the platform to earn well. As per studies, the global online poker industry is worth around $116 billion. Besides, the excitement of gambling is another reason behind the rapid growth of the online poker market. Players have the chance to win a big amount of money and to redeem with real cash. 

The Factors Necessary to be Considered in Online Poker Game Development:

Before investing money to develop your software, investors must consider a few things, such as Ease of installation of software, compatibility with a wide range of devices, Intra game challenges, Flexibility in a number of players, Security of Payment gateway and in-app purchases, etc. 

Hiring a Perfect Poker Game Developer

So, while hiring online poker software developers, one must consider the above-mentioned factors. It is necessary that your developer provides an easy to learn online platform for players, which keeps them engaged. It is also necessary that the payment gateway is secured and reliable, so the money that players pay would not go in vain. 

In order to develop the online gaming platform, investors could refer to some of the experienced software developers in the market. 

Not only the brand name or the basic feature matters while investing money for poker software, but also It is necessary to consider the level of support and marketing the developer provides. 

It is also important that the developed software performs at best and doesn’t lag. For ensuring a lag-free experience, it is important to perform proper testing as well.

Wrapping it off

Profit is the most important objective of business, and the basis of profit lies in the comfort of customers, so in online poker, if the player stays happy, they would invest more, and it will directly benefit the investor. Mobzway can help you in making your poker games a growing business.

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