6 Warning Signs: HURRY UP! Your Car Tyre Needs Immediate Replacement

Taking care of your tyres and cognizance of their maintenance are indispensable as they are one of the pivotal components of your car. Because they are the ones that come in proximity to the rough road surface. So, it is better to keep a frequent check on them. If they are not in a good condition, then replace them as soon as possible to avoid any mishappening. If in a doubt, consult a professional whether your tyre/tyres need replacement or not.

Here are some warning signs your car needs new tyres. Let’s dive deeper.

  1. Tread Depth

Tread is the core of a tyre; it’s depth is the deciding factor for the efficiency of your car. Often, it is designed to offer a solid grip in both wet and dry conditions. Moreover, your tyre tread should not reduce below 1/16 of an inch in depth. It doesn’t matter how much your car is luxurious if the tyre lacks tread depth. For the obvious reasons, if your tyre does not have enough tread, then your car will be unsafe in wet conditions. Tyre tread increases traction, reduces stopping time, and minimizes the risk of aquaplaning.

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  1. Driving Time

It is advisable to keep your car in a cold and dry environment because the exposure to the Sun deteriorates the condition of your tyres and the manufacturer says the rubber life of a tyre is four years from the time you start driving your car. It is recommended to replace your tyres every four to five years as scorching heat can damage the inner layers of your tyres that will rupture the rubber of your tyre.

  1. Sidewall cracks

If you see cracks in the sidewalls of your car’s tyre, then quickly replace it. The cracks represent the damage of your tread’s rubber. Hence, it will rupture your tyre that can lead to disastrous situations. So, if you notice puncture in the sidewall of your tyre, then discard it immediately.

  1. Bulges and Blisters

If the outer surface of your tyre weakens, the sidewalls will begin to swell or bulge. Then, it starts protruding outwards. This can cause a sudden blowout. These shortcomings come under the warranty period and are taken care of. For the better, whether your tyres are under warranty or not, replace them as soon as possible if a bulge or blister is found.

  1. Bad vibrations

Vibrations in your car are unavoidable when you drive. A multitude of factors contribute to them, which include collision of tyres on the roads and functioning of its engine. Problem arises when the frequency of vibrations increase. A plethora of reasons lie behind these sounds. The foremost is when your wheel gets unbalanced and generates vibrations to the steering wheel, which will be noticed by the driver. A suspension or  an engine mount issue can also be the driving cause. If these are not the causes behind the vibrations, then there is some internal problem with your tyres.

  1. Tyre landscapes

If your tyres have hills and valley patterns of wear, which is called cupping, then they need to be replaced. Your suspension also demands a quick check. Worn or damaged suspension can cause bouncing of tyres while you’re driving.

Now, the onus lies on your shoulders whether to turn your back from the warning sign or pay heed towards them as they are the alarming signs to replace your tyre.

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