6 Tips for a Cleaner and Healthier Home

In a tropical country like India, summer is prevalent in most of the year and naturally, we tend to keep our doors and windows open. Without our realization, we are allowing germs and specks of dust to enter our home. When it comes to taking care of our health, we tend to focus on nutrition and exercise but what about the home we are living in? Paying attention to the living environment can have a long term effect on our health as well as how good we feel at every moment.

Unseen dangers can affect you and your family’s well-being. Chemicals, germs, viruses and other pests can do harm more than you have imagined if left unchecked. Apartments at residential projects in South Kolkata or 1/2/3/ BHK Apartments On D.H Road have chances to collect dust more often as they are situated close to the busy city. While we have no control over the climate, the most we can do is take actions to improve the air quality inside our homes.

  1. Get rid of dust:

Dusting is an ongoing chore that needs to be done frequently in order to maintain a basic level of clean.  Once a week, vacuum rugs and upholstered furniture, change your bedding and pillowcases and wash sheets and towels in hot water.

  1. Clean the kitchen:

It’s the kitchen that gets dirtier than other rooms where practically every surface is a magnet for bacteria, viruses, germs, insects, and other pests. Squeeze your dish-washing sponges after every use and let them dry. Wash dish towels in hot water. Keep veggies and raw meat separately to avoid cross-contamination. Don’t ever cut fruits or vegetables on the same cutting board you use to slice raw meat unless you clean it with hot water and soap first.

  1. Filter tap water:

If you’re used to drinking tap water directly from the sink, you may want to get a water filter to ensure your water isn’t contaminated. Most tap water is chlorinated. And chlorinated water has been linked with some nasty ailments, including cancer of the bladder and rectum. You can purify your tap water by equipping your kitchen faucet with an activated charcoal water filter.

  1. Wipe Down Electronics:

Wires and gadgets lying here and there make the home look messy and also collect dust. We often find disconnecting wires when trying to clean the tight spaces. With a wire management system, bundle cables and hold them together to make it less intimidating to dust. Keyboards and remote controls should also be wiped down once a week to avoid a buildup of germs.

  1. Maintain bathroom cleanliness:

Toilets can be the breeding ground for germs. Use a disinfectant designed to kill mold and fungus in the bathroom. Keep toilet seats clean and wipe down the tub or shower walls and curtain with a towel or squeegee once a week. Throw soiled tissues away and empty the wastebasket daily. Get an air purifier to keep out the bad smell.

  1. Declutter and minimize storage:

A crowded home not only leaves us feeling anxious and overwhelmed but also attracts more dust. Organized storage systems can help in cleaning faster, eliminating clutter. In order to maintain a healthy home, go through your old paints and chemicals and dispose of the items you no longer need. Throw away old slippers, torn clothes, expired medicines and plastic containers to adopt a healthy lifestyle.