6 Thoughtful Valentines Day Gifts For Long Distance Lovers

When you’re in love with someone, you want to be with them all the time. You want to talk to them, spend time together, and enjoy every small and big moment of your life with them. Nowadays for better opportunities with respect to work, people move from one place to another.. Distance feels like an obstruction when two people who love each other have to stay separately for work or academics. Long-distance relationships are very difficult to maintain, but when two people genuinely love and trust each other, nothing can stop them from being together. Thanks to technology, we can text and video calls our partners living in some other part of the world. 

With the season of love gradually approaching, all of us are busy checking out for the best Valentine day gifts for our partners. The only option for people in a long-distance relationship is to make their partners feel loved and special from a distance. They totally depend upon interesting and thoughtful long-distance Valentines day gifts. 

If you are confused about what to send your partner this Valentine’s day to convey your heartfelt emotions? we have your back. We have listed a set of gifts for valentine day– from customized gifts to thoughtful options for your person. Read On! 

Love Bands

Love bands are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for people who are immensely into each other. They can be customized easily with your partner’s name or initials. They are flat band-like structures that can be worn like a bracelet. Love bands denote commitment and trust towards each other. You can also get a small heart or any other symbol engraved on it. They can be worn with casuals, western wear and traditionally too. 

Messages For Your Love

In the era of multiple social media platforms that provide instant messaging services without any restrictions, we still feel disconnected from the people around us. This Valentine’s Day, send your man messages in a bottle. You can make multiple message notes and place them in a transparent glass bottle. Tell him how much you love him and express your gratitude. You can beautifully decorate the bottle by adding sequins and fairy lights into it. Carefully place it in a box and wrap it. This is undoubtedly the cutest Valentine gifts for him! Do not let the distance spoil your day of love. 

Couple T- Shirts

Couple T-shirts are one of the simplest and most accessible Valentine’s day gifts. You can get them in any color and get it customized. You can get your lady love’s picture printed on the t-shirt and wear it when you are around her. Order red roses online for her and pair them with a customized couple t shirt. You could even get a picture of your favorite memory printed on it. She will be super happy. 


Pendants are a special gift option because they are worn closest to our heart. Give your man a couple pendant with both of your initials engraved on it. With multiple online platforms that take orders for customization of various gift items and even provide doorstep delivery options-  one can easily surprise their respective partners from any corner of the world. You can even opt for a diamond pendant for your lady love and make her feel a little extra special. 

Personalized Bookmark

If your girlfriend loves to read and always carries a book in her bag? then what could be a better valentine gifts for her than a lovely bookmark. Get a plain bookmark and personalize it with a beautiful quote or a saying by her favorite author. Surprise her with a delicious Valentine’s Day cake with a cute bookmark. 

A Timeless Piece

Whenever we think about a timeless piece- the first thing that crosses our mind is a classy watch. It not only shows time, but also symbolizes the true meaning of dedicating all your time to someone special. When you truly love someone, the most important thing you give them is your precious time. This season of love, send a classy watch as a Valentine’s Day gift for him and see his face light up with happiness. Try your best to make him feel special on the globally recognized day of love.

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