What kind of roof on your veranda? Check out these 6 options

That there will be a veranda in your garden, that’s for sure. But are you still in doubt about what type of roofing sheets you would like? A lot is possible, as you will read in this article. We discuss the options so that you can make a better choice.

Types of roofing sheets

The type of roof that will eventually be placed on your veranda depends on the construction of the veranda. A flat roof looks sleek, is easy to install and you can easily place solar panels on it. A traditional gable roof is also popular, where two roof surfaces together form an inverted V. A variant of this is the hipped roof, where you have four surfaces instead of two. These two roof shapes are more complicated and therefore more expensive. There is also the pyramid roof, where four and more triangular roof shields come together in one point.

1. Wooden roof

Do you like country style? Then a wooden roof might be the best option for you. You can of course go in any direction with this, because there are countless types of wood. And as you can read in the paragraph above, you can choose different constructions.

2. Polycarbonate roofing sheets

Polycarbonate is a popular roof type. It is one of the cheapest ways to realize the roof of your veranda. After all, plastic is not an expensive material. It is sturdy and if you choose opal polycarbonate, then you will be less bothered by the bright sun and a lot of privacy. There are also a clear version if you want a lot of sunlight.

3. Glass roof

The advantage of a veranda is that you can enjoy the outdoors more. You therefore want to keep the canopy open so that a lot of light enters. With a glass roof you get the most light under your veranda and it also looks stylish. Keep in mind that glass has a different price tag than, for example, polycarbonate, although glass lasts longer than plastic.

4. Roof tiles

When it comes to roof tiles, you can choose from many options. So you have the loose roof tiles: ceramic or concrete. Concrete is cheaper, although ceramic pans remain beautiful longer because they are glazed. In addition, there are aquaplanning plates, where you can place up to 35 pans at the same time. This is faster than loose roof tiles and is cheaper, although an authentic roof looks nicer. Bituminous shingles are also cheap, in which loose roofing felt-like pieces are overlapped.

5. Corrugated sheets

Cover your veranda easily and cheaply? Then you can of course also go for plastic corrugated sheets. Aesthetically, many people will find this less beautiful than glass or polycarbonate, although taste is indisputable.

6. Plants on the roof

How about an organic roof? A green roof not only looks fantastic, it also brings the necessary benefits. You contribute to the environment, because plants help to improve air quality. The flora also works great as insulation, as it helps keep the space underneath cool in summer and retains heat in winter.

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