5 Tips You Can Follow For Car Maintenance

Be it any season; if you do not take proper care of your car, it can cause quite a hassle. Winters can get even more difficult to deal with because of a few additional reasons like snow and frost along with multiple roadblocks.

However, the only way to avoid most of these issues is to have a car that is ready for any situation. Try to learn the correct ways of car maintenance so you can be free of any worries.

Another important part of the car is the tyres, and you must ensure that you regularly go through their maintenance. Dunlop Tyres Coventry is a great option if you want to get your hands on good tyres. These five tips will help you with car maintenance.


Keep a check on the battery and engine

Your battery keeps your car moving,so keep it checked by following the points mentioned below

Inspect your battery terminals to see if there is any evidence of battery acid at least once a year.

You may use a combination of water and baking soda to clean the terminals.


Replace the air filter

An unclean air filter can reduce the amount of airflow for your engine, which puts the engine under extra pressure. This can have a minor effect on mileage and, more importantly, on your vehicle’s acceleration efficiency.

Different factors will depend on the frequency at which an engine air filter should be adjusted. Driving frequently can cause air filters to get clogged faster.

The filter box is easily accessible in most cars, but you must read the manual thoroughly before proceeding. Keep running quick checks on the filter from time to time. This way, you will know if it needs a replacement.

Proper car washes

This might be the most basic car maintenance method, but many individuals don’t do their car washes properly. You must take your car for washing at least thrice a month.

Certain roads are built in different ways, and those with winter salt on them can damage your car. It makes the shine go away from the underside. You must ensure that the colour and finish of the vehicle is retained.

Replace your wiper blades

Having a clear windshield to have the maximum degree of road visibility is one of the most significant safety issues while driving.

Replacing damaged windshield wiper.

Blades that do not effectively clear water or snow should be replaced quickly.

Another sign that it’s time to change the wiper blades when you hear them make a squeaking noise.

Check the rubber strips on the blades once a month to see any signs of cracking.

Wipe these strips from time to time even if your wiper blades are working smoothly.

Try to change damaged tyres at least once in six months. Just search for cheap tyres Coventry online, and you will find plenty of options.

Wax once a year

A lot of individuals do not know that waxing your car at least once a year can retain its original shine for a longer time. If you want your car to look the same for years, get a waxing process done on the exterior.

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