5 Times When It Is Okay to Not Use Curtains

Like all window treatments, curtains are important. They can complement a room’s decor and provide privacy. They also keep in heat when it’s wanted and can allow in breezes when they are welcome. Without them, a room can look incomplete.

At least that’s true most of the time.

But every rule has an exception, as do window curtains. Here are some tips from custom curtain designers in Mississauga, Ontario, as to when it is okay to let your windows go bare.

When Can You Keep Your Windows Bare?

When it comes to window treatments, homeowners love curtains. But there are times when you can make do without them.

  1. When You Have an Amazing View

Do you have an expansive and impressive view from your living room? Perhaps a stunning ocean view? Why spoil it with curtains? If you have an amazing view and aren’t worried about privacy, you can keep your windows bare and enjoy it every time you pass by.

  1. When You Have Breathtaking Window Frames

If your window frames are beautiful, dark, intricately carved, and unique, consider showing them off. This is especially recommended if it doesn’t compromise your privacy.

  1. To Let in Natural Light

Curtains filter light and provide privacy. But, if you have a room with low natural light, nix the curtains as they will reduce the amount you get all the more. Instead, let your window go bare to receive maximum natural light inside if it doesn’t compromise your privacy.

  1. For a Modern Look

Houses with double storey windows like modern loft spaces can forgo curtains. This will provide the space with a clean, modern, and open feel. You can instead use solar shades or panel track blinds for UV protection.

  1. When You Have Odd (But Interesting) Windows

It’s hard to cover an oddly-shaped window. If you have an offset, wonky, or porthole-style window, leave it bare and let its shape make a statement. Oddly-shaped windows are a natural focal point for a room which doesn’t require much effort to dress up. Putting curtains on them could result in an even odder-looking window.

Curtains like those from Hunter Douglas in Mississauga are beautiful window treatments, but sometimes it is pleasing to break this pattern. Still unsure whether you should put up curtains? Contact window treatment experts near you for their advice. They can help you figure out the best option for your windows. Or, if you have friends or relatives who have decided to nix their curtains, talk to them about it. Just be sure to do your research before making your final decision.

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