5 Reasons why you should choose Data Warehouse Consulting over Cloud Services

A huge number of cloud service users are now leveraging services beyond just classic storage, computing and network services. There have been many surveys on why and how Data Warehouse Consulting is better than the cloud.



Unsurprisingly, data velocity and volume have burst their banks; organizations are looking for a more cost-effective and agile solution for data analytics and management strategies in the cloud.

The following facets outline the advantages of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and data storage in the cloud.

  • Performance and Scalability

With flexible storage, you don’t have to worry about poor hardware impacting performance. You can perform desired actions to pick the right management tool for a specific job to ensure that the requirements are met. There is a huge array of services available on the cloud with performance tests incorporated within them.

Time Value and Agility

Deploying database and services is as quick as flash. Also, you don’t have to put your huge capital investment on the additional tools for deployment. It’s easy to use the new tools in conjunction with the cloud too. For say, you could experiment with ML, AI and stream data. You could set up a sandbox for self-service BI and a group of users. Besides this, you get an amazing facility to store sensor data for IoT in the cloud as well.

  • Offers New Capabilities and Data Growth

Experimenting is easy in the cloud and handling high volume and velocity data is a piece of cake. You can keep data for as long as you want. Moreover, storing diverse data of different types and sources is also possible. By integrating modern data services and data available on the cloud, you can create a great way to add new data capabilities.

  • Cost Saving

The total cost of cloud-based EDW is lower than on-premises variables like redundancy and disaster recovery are included. There are several added benefits of avoiding the gigantic initial capital expense, the ability to reduce financial risks with trying it before buy it, ability to process large and on-off analytical workload with flexible compute and storage along with a feature to pay for only what is consumed.



  • Modern Architecture

On-demand provision of infrastructure, elastic compute, and global connectivity makes jobs such as federating data, new database, replication and redundancy adversity recovery easier and faster than on-premises. Also, there are more innovations in the cloud than an on-premises data center, which allows you to experiment with new technologies such as AI and serverless functions.

  • Getting Started

One of the biggest reasons for cloud being used so readily is security. The cloud offers perimeter security, cyber security and controlled access by experts who are monitoring and auditing security. Moving your data to the cloud is the perfect time to look again at cloud security architecture and policies.

BI and Data is a great way to get started on the cloud. BI and EDW have a lower risk than moving your transactional structure.

These are all the reasons why you should go for Data Warehouse Consulting experts right now. ExistBI offer experienced specialists in the USA, UK and Europe.