5 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Moving In

Renting an apartment is typically hard if you had just moved into a new location. Your new landlord will try to impress you with all the impressive and best features that you won’t be found anywhere else, probably in the country itself. On the other hand, don’t get dwelled in the chat. Make sure to see the apartment first, verify a few things like sanitation, rooms, security, and lightings. And if you are confused about what to ask, here are 5 questions to ask your landlord before moving in.

Ask him about security first

Security is what should be your first concern when you move into a new place. As until it is not secure, you won’t be staying here even for a second! Don’t even think of doing it. Ask the landlord, about thefts, burglary and if any local thief is present on the premises. This poses a good threat, as newcomers are targeted easily by them. Also, remember to ask how far the police station and the service time are. This is just to keep yourself safe during the occurrence of such a condition.

Maintenance and how well it is done?

Your landlord is completely responsible for all sorts of maintenance that is to be done to your apartment and all of its features, including water supply and lighting. Don’t hesitate to ask him how management is done here and who even does that? Is there a security protocol that is to be followed by the maintenance man too of not getting into anyone’s apartment whenever required? If he confuses or slightly refuses, make sure to pack your bags again.

Are there any hidden charges and bribery, if any?

This is the last point’s premise question and one of the 5 questions that you should ask your landlord before moving in. Directly question him about all the hidden charges if any and of any maintenance fee that is to be paid. Mentioning this after you take the rooms won’t be helping at all. As you have paid the fees and it sometimes might not be refundable (some landlords don’t even such kind of people).

Resources supply and markets nearby:

Well, after you have clarified the apartment features and maintenance techniques, it’s time to see how good the site is. Ask the landlord what sort of markets and stores are available nearby? Is the gas station near? How long will it take to reach the emergency room if something happens to you? Be concisely clear about this and verify everything before you take in the apartment. As these are all your resources and needs, that have to be done well.

Is the place good enough to stay?

Most sites have a bad reputation of nearby occurrences of frauds and thefts, even mobs and other sorts of deals. Well, you do care about your life and don’t want to waste it. Clarify the landlord about such activities and how often they happen on the premises or even nearby. Do the local police cops take care of it? Clear out all kinds of doubts, especially of these types of information will help you to live a better life in the place that you have just moved in.