5 Questions that the Caterer in Canberra Inquires the Future Customers

As you are about to hire a catering service for the first time, hundreds of questions are buzzing your mind. From what type of food will be served to the venue – you just cannot stop pacing back and forth. Now, only a successful event is a way to impress your clients, friends, colleagues, or even family. But did you know the catering professionals may ask you a certain set of questions?

The Q&A session eliminates the conflict between the service provider and the client. It helps the professionals fulfil the requirements and limit every possible way of averting oncoming catastrophe. Clear communication leads the way to consider the important aspects. It is also universally known that event planning and hiring catering services can be an onerous task. So, prepare yourself accordingly when you have time. The following are the essential questions asked by caterer Canberra to the clients.

How many guests are you expecting?

As a client, you should be expecting this basic question. The number of guests plays a key role in arranging the whole party. Considering the guest traffic, the catering service would fix the amount of food to be prepared. Then the caterer would bring the number of cutleries accordingly, too. Of course, the number influences the venue. And when you know the answer to this question, you can make a mental calculation on the expense. In a similar way, the service provider can offer you estimation.

What is on your list of inclusions?

Keeping your budget in mind, you should inform the service provider exactly what you have been planning. If a client wants the chef’s signature to be featured, the service provider cannot leave the request. As the client wants particular things in the event, the caterer also has a certain set of criteria. These things need to be addressed at the preliminary stage.

What is on your list of exclusions?

You should be straightforward about what you do not want in the event. If your guests are allergic to a certain food ingredient, you may ask the caterer to remove the item from the menu. Similarly, you do not want them to serve chicken, let the professional know directly. In this way, the caterer is able to create a ‘no-no’ list. Needless to say, the service provider can develop critical skills later on.

Why are you throwing this party?

Is it your daughter’s graduation party or her birthday party? Or, do you need to host a conference or client meeting? The spread completely depends on the event type. It generally surprises how the event type regulates the whole menu. So, when it is a birthday party, the table will be a bit casual and informal. Of course, the purpose of the party will further let you design the program list accordingly. Needless to say, your purpose of arranging the event is the key aspect to shape it.

Where do you want to organize?

When you know why you are throwing the party, you definitely had a basic sketch planned in mind. In case, your preference does not match with the client’s, it may give rise to conflict. That’s why; always give your client a direct answer about what you wish for. You can easily avoid the series of indecision and let the service providers decorate a mutually selected venue. However, you may not have anything in mind. At such times, you can use the professional insight and take a look at the venue samples.

So, prepare yourself and find answers to the above-mentioned questions. Even when you are arranging your child’s birthday party, the service of the birthday party venue Canberra will be there for you.

Author bio: Amelie Wallace, an event planner with different articles, has written on the pros and cons of hiring birthday party venue Canberra. Here, she mentions the main questions asked by caterer Canberra to a client before the hiring process.