5 Must Have Recreational Activities Your Housing Society Must Offer

Are you looking for affordable apartments at Konnagar? Located a few kilometers away from Kolkata, Konnagar has lately witnessed a significant surge in the real estate segment. Offering a plethora of modern amenities, each and every residential unit coming up in this area promises a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Here’s a look at the top five recreational amenities that a housing society must offer to its residents.

1. Indoor Play

Most of the housing societies nowadays have Clubhouse with various arrangements of indoor games. The most popular one is the pool game. Snookers & billiards, in particular, are highly favoured among all age groups. Among the kids and teenagers, games like bowling, table tennis, and carom are popular. Although indoor games do not involve much of your physical effort, they are a great way to beat the stress.


2. Swimming Pool

Nothing can beat the stress better than a dive in the cool waters. That’s why swimming pools are considered a prime amenity in any residential project. Moreover, swimming itself is a rigorous exercise which can tremendously enhance your fitness level. You must know that a rejuvenating swimming session aids in healthy functioning of the heart and lungs while reducing body weight & toning your muscles.

3. Gymnasium

Nowadays, fitness tops the list of prime requirements of urban lifestyle. You will hardly find a housing society that does not have a health club or gymnasium. Having a gymnasium right at the society where you live gives you the advantages of sweating it out every day without fail. In the premium residential complexes, gymnasiums have designated fitness trainers as well.

4. Outdoor sports

Outdoor sport is the finest choice if you are looking out for a cardio regimen. Housing societies these days offer an extensive area for playing basketball, badminton, volleyball, cricket and a variety of outdoor sports. Along the landscaped gardens you can go for jogging & cycling. Most of the contemporary housing projects have segregated children’s play area with swings and slides that helps in making an ideal playing environment for the kids.

5. Multipurpose hall & Playfield

A large playfield or a multipurpose hall is nowadays an important amenity of a residential complex. Though the premium apartments always come with a vast golf course, a normal playfield is nowadays present in the affordable housing segment as well. In many places, there are multipurpose halls, where you can perform yoga, meditation, aerobics, and similar activities to keep yourself fit, fine & healthy.

Sports and recreation activities are considered mandatory to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The availability of the lifestyle and recreational amenities in a housing complex is a modern trend which has arrived in the scene a few years back. With time, the number of amenities has also increased. But, an affordable segment housing complex does not squeeze in everything like the premium apartments do. However, make sure that the residential complex you are planning to invest in, offer such basic facilities.