5 Manhwa You Should Read To Explore Korean Webtoons

Webtoons are a newer form of comics that are gaining in popularity worldwide. Like their predecessors, comics and graphic novels, webtoons are written and drawn by amateur artists and then published online for anyone to read. However, unlike manga, an earlier form of webcomics, which are often serialized in magazines, webtoons are usually collected into chapters and posted on websites. This makes them easier to read on your phone or computer screen and allows you to read one chapter daily without waiting weeks or months between installments. In addition, because they’re typically shorter than traditional comics and constantly updated, they’re a great way to explore the cultures and languages of different countries without ever leaving your desk chair. Here are five manhwas you should read to get started:

How to Read Webtoons


Reading webtoons can be a fun and educational way to learn about Korean culture, language, and history. However, there are many types of webtoons, so it’s best to start by finding one you’re interested in.

To find a webtoon, search for the title or keyword on websites like Google or YouTube. Once you find the webtoon, open it up in a browser. You can also find webtoons on comic book stores or online comic platforms like Comixology or Imagin Comics.

Once the webtoon is open in your browser, look for the “About” tab near the top. This will give you information about the creator and the series, including release dates and chapters.

When you start reading a webtoon, remember that it is typically episodic and unfinished. As a result, there may be gaps in the story where scenes haven’t been drawn yet, or new locations are being added. Don’t worry; these gaps will eventually be filled in as more episodes are released.

If you want to read a specific chapter but don’t want to wait for it to update, you can use online tools like spoiler blockers or bookmarking services to keep track of where you are in the story so that you don’t have to reread entire sections multiple times.

What are the Different Types of Webtoons?

Webtoons are a type of manga that originates from South Korea. These comics are typically shorter than the traditional manga and feature more dialogue-driven stories. They’re also commonly updated multiple times per week, which makes them a good option if you want to read something quickly but need more time for a full-length comic.

There are several types of webtoons, each with its unique style and audience. Here are four of the most popular:

1) School Life Webtoons: These comics focus on the everyday drama in high school classrooms and dorms. They’re popular with older readers who enjoy lighthearted comedies and want to learn more about Korean culture through the characters and settings in the comics.

2) Romance Webtoons: These comics follow couples navigating hurdles like first kisses, family fights, and cross-cultural misunderstandings. They can be relentlessly sappy or laugh-out-loud hilarious, depending on the storytellers.

3) Adventure Webtoons: This category is geared towards older teens and adults who want stories with tough challenges, twisty plot lines, and dramatic consequences. Some of the most popular series in this category include Overlord, Sword Art Online, and My Hero Academia.

4) Mythology & Fantasy Webtoons: These comics explore all sorts of magical worlds – from feudal Japan to

Our tyrant became a young Spoiler.

1. If you’re a fan of webtoons, then you’ll love the series My Tyrant Became Young and here is Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler. This manhwa tells the story of a young man named Yeon Woo, who is forced to become the tyrant of his country after his father’s death. As a result, Yeon Woo must manage an empire while hiding his true identity from the people around him.

2. My Tyrant Became Young is an interesting and unique take on the traditional story of a young man becoming emperor. The series is full of action and suspense, making it perfect for thrillers and mystery novels fans.

3. If you’re looking for something to read that will challenge your thinking, My Tyrant Became Young is worth checking out! It’s written in a compelling and engaging style, making it easy to get lost in the story.

Tips for Watching Webtoons

If you’re new to webtoons, or even if you’ve been reading them for a while but want to know the best way to watch them, here are some tips:

-The easiest way to read webtoons is with a dedicated reader app like ComiXology’s Comics+, which lets you annotate and share your comics with friends. However, most browsers have built-in support for reading webtoons if you want to read them without extra features.

-For Android users, Try MangaStream’s newest app, which has full support for webtoons. It’s also available on iOS devices. MangaStream offers a variety of subscription options depending on how often you want to read and keep track of your comics. You can also use their website to read offline.

-For iPhone users, try Webtoon’s App Store app, which has full support for webtoons. There is also an unofficial Chrome extension that supports reading them in the browser. The downside is that the Webtoon App Store offers fewer subscriptions than the other options mentioned above.

10 Manhwa You Should Read to Understand Korean Comics

If you’re a comics fan or just interested in Korean culture, you should read manhwa. Manhwa (hangul: 마화) is a popular form of sequential art in Korea that typically consists of webtoons and graphic novels. Created by Korean cartoonists, manhwas are usually about everyday life in Korea or about romantic relationships between people from different social backgrounds. So whether you’re looking for something to read before bed or something to learn more about Korean culture, manhwa is a great way to get started. Here are five manhwas that you should check out:

1) “A Silent Voice” by Yoshitoki Oima

Set in Japanese-occupied Korea during World War II, “A Silent Voice” tells the story of 14-year-old Shoko Sakine and her best friend, Kaede. When Shoko’s brother is taken away by the Japanese soldiers, she starts to suffer from PTSD and hallucinations. Kaede helps Shoko cope with her condition, but their friendship falls apart when Kaede joins the nationalist movement and Shoko starts dating a Japanese soldier. “A Silent Voice” is an emotional and moving story that deals with topics such as war and nationalism.

2) “Bungo Stray Dogs” by Yusuke Murata

“Bungo Stray Dogs” follows the adventures of a group of delinquent boys who are hired to protect A


Webtoons are one of Korea’s most popular forms of comics and for a good reason. They are easy to read, humorous, and packed with action. If you’re curious about Korean culture or want a quick fix for entertainment, give some manhwa a try. Here are five that we think you’ll love: 1. Attack on Titan 2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 3. Wolf’s Rain 4. Blue Exorcist 5. Sword Art Online.


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