5 Key features to look for in the best IT asset management software

Are you concerned about managing your assets and so you are looking for the best IT asset management solution? If so, take note of the features that the best IT asset management software must have. You should look for a well-designed software solution that can perform the job with ease. 

Let us showcase the features that can turn an asset management software highly suitable for your company, regardless of the industry type. Here we go!

  1. Real-time report: Real-time information about all assets is extremely essential to run business operations productively. An ideal asset management software enables end-users to track the exact location of assets and prevent them from getting misplaced or lost. The software uses barcodes and QR codes to track the daily usage of assets and their performance, and eventually help staff improve their efficiencies and productivity. No matter how many assets you have, you can easily view the register to track the check-in and check-out of the items. All these data are collectively penned down on custom reports generated by an IT asset management software. 
  2. Custom alerts and notifications: Besides a daily report, the ITAM software sends custom alerts and notifications to the person to whom an asset is assigned. Whenever an asset manager thinks about removing or adding a person from (or to) the list, the person gets immediately notified. This feature thus keeps the person updated about any changes. 
  3. Asset requisitions and disposals: With time, the priorities and requirements of companies start changing. They need to make strategic decisions on purchasing new assets and disposing of old ones. Integrated asset management software helps asset managers in performing this task with perfection. The software helps them monitor asset lifecycle that involve asset deployment, usage, maintenance, and disposal and simultaneously streamlines asset procurement tasks. It sends automated email notifications to the team members whenever a purchase order request is generated or when assets require immediate repair or replacement. Besides, the asset management team can even access custom reports on asset purchase requisitions to make informative decisions accordingly. 
  4. Seamless integration: The specialty of the best IT asset management software is it can be integrated into any software and system or can be merged with any technology. No matter which industry you work in, it will deliver accurate results and reports on assets. For example, tech companies use it to track their electronic devices, education institutions utilize it to keep their school assets under control, and construction companies integrate this system to manage their equipment. In other words, an easy-to-integrate ITAM system enables organizations to boost their productivity by streamlining their daily operations. 
  5. Mobile-friendly interface: A modern asset management system comes with a mobile-friendly interface. Apart from being compatible with desktops, laptops, and tablets, these advanced systems are easy to go with all mobile devices.

A mobile application enables asset managers to view, track, and manage all assets and inventories on their fingertips. Whether it is putting small details about an asset, tracing a product or identifying the location, mobile-friendly asset management software eliminates all hurdles.


Industries across all industries rely on IT assets to streamline their regular business workflows and boost productivity. These assets include electronic equipment, tools, raw materials, and digital devices. With time, the number of assets grows, thereby making it difficult for companies to manage. This is when asset management software comes to the rescue. 

A full-featured IT asset management system enables end users to track, manage, maintain, and upgrade millions of assets and inventories without any hassle. Of course, you need the best tool for support.  

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