5 Key Factors to Choose The Best Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines have become one of the most essential products in most industries. It is because they have turned out to be perfect for use over some time. Every industry be it cosmetics to medicine usually have liquid products. Filling liquid products in mass can often be a task for human labour. This is why depending upon a filling machine is the best choice to look forward to. Now some criteria need to be properly checked when investing in a filling machine. In this article, we have listed these in detail.


The cost of liquid filling machines in most cases is quite high in demand and expensive. This is usually because of the quality and value of the product. But the best way to decide the right cost for filler is to set a budget and follow it. Start small and choose filler that can serve your purpose. Once the business increase and you look for better filling equipment, choose to go with automatic fillers.

Viscosity of product

The reason for measuring the viscosity of the liquid is to ideally measure the resistance of the product. Viscosity generally refers to the exact thickness of a product. Thereby, if you don’t measure the idle viscosity of your product it will clog the nozzle of the fillers over time. Thick products like honey and other liquids need fillers with a larger nozzle. Make sure to understand the exact purpose of the fillers before investing in them.

Speed of filling

The speed at which the machine is collecting the liquid is different for every business. The higher the speed of flowing the faster the bottle gets filled up. If you are looking for higher productivity and do not have a budget issue, the best option is to choose completely automated fillers. In case you have a budget measure and are looking to cut down excess costs you need to go with semi-automated fillers and later switch to the automated one.

Container type

In the market now there are several types of containers that can be easily found. Among these endless varieties, you need to choose the one that will best suit your need. Remember packaging plays a crucial role in customer buying behaviour. Thereby, choosing a container that can serve the exact purpose is going to value you. When choosing the right container, try to keep the container shape and material in mind for better specifications.

Changeover and cleaning

Every cleaning equipment and the container is developed differently. This also suggests that proper containers with the right volume could be easily cleaned. But on the other hand, if you choose a container that is not of the right value and shape it will not serve your right purpose. Now, lack of proper cleaning can result in hygiene issues and infections. Thereby, proper cleaning of the containers is essential.

Keep these factors in mind next time you choose to invest in a filling machine for the best benefit.