5 Easy and effective ways to spruce up the look of your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most personal space of your home. Though bathrooms are not meant to create the first impression but they will be responsible for creating a lasting impression for your guests. A dingy, cluttered bathroom can be the biggest turn off for your guests as well as very unhygienic for you and your family. Bathroom is no longer considered just a place where people do what they must do and quickly leave but a part of the home’s overall décor. Improving the look of your bathroom can add to a home’s resale value. People also add decorative items in bathrooms to update its style that also suits their current needs.

My client Anusha and Rishabh Agarwal had very specific requirements regarding washroom when they were searching for an apartment within a residential complex in Maheshtala area. It had to be spacious and ensure basic safety as people are most prone to accidents in bathrooms. Recently they moved into an apartment on Budge Budge Trunk Road where the toilets have anti-skid ceramic tiles on floor with premium sanitary fittings. These are the basic features of a well-built bathroom to ensure safety. How about some added aesthetics and upgrades? Whether you want to decorate your bathroom in your new home or looking for renovating your old bathroom, here are some inspirations that will surely help you:

  1. Manage clutter well:

Making your bathroom a clutter-free zone is the first step to improve your bathroom which will cost you nothing. Get rid of scratchy old towels and empty bottles of skin and hair products or donate unused ‘bath and body’ gift sets. Keep only the things you will use on regular basis in your bathroom. Ensure that all the corners, washbasins, commode are sparkling clean to make a good first impression. Dingy faucet handles, fan slits with a pile of dust, cracked or broken tile or dirty grout lines can be instant turn-offs – get rid of them too.

  1. Have good storage:

Once you are done with managing the clutter, prioritize maximizing your bathroom space with smart storage solutions. Invest in some cabinets or add a few baskets that can be tucked away or slid into unused space. Keep your bathroom essentials like cotton buds and makeup wipes in some pretty glass jars and flaunt them proudly and make them a part of the décor. Install stylish shower caddies to organize your bath essentials. Make use of any wall space by fitting a hook rack and hide clutters like a pro.

  1. Opt for good lighting:

If your bathroom gets abundant natural light, then make good use of it. Improve the functionality and mood of the space by installing the right light that will not only enhance the environment but also the functionality. Opt for some modern lighting solution that provides bright illumination without glare. A dimming light will set just the right mood for bathing while recessed fixtures around the mirror is perfect for doing your hair, applying make-up, or shaving. It’s easier to avoid any kind of mess in a well-lit bathroom.

  1. Paint it right:

Paint offers one of the quickest, cheapest and most effective ways to change the appearance of a space. Consider experimenting with contemporary and modern paints in your bathroom which will instantly improve the look and feel of the space. You can use bolder shades with earthy tones or go for a contemporary twist with a two-tone wall. You can also paint your vanity cabinets or change the colour of the grout in your tile for a refreshing look.

Don’t like it? Change it.

After all, the bathroom is your own personal space. It should not make you feel upset about its appearance every time you enter. If your floor tiles are too old, consider replacing it. You can install new shower glass doors to make the bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. A new set of knobs can transform the look of your furniture and cabinetry. Upgrade your bath mats and rugs for a fresh, new look. Keep some trendy towels handy in the bathroom.

Last but not the least, bring in some fresh fragments which is a cheap and easy way to give you all the fresh vibes in your bathroom.

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