5 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Canvas Prints

Have you ever considered unearthing your most breathtaking photos and transforming them into stunning canvas prints for you or your friends and family? It never used to be possible, but with revolutionary canvas art techniques you now have the opportunity to take your photos – even those from disposable cameras and camera phones – off Facebook (!) and to display them on the wall where they will be seen and admired every single day. Yet there is not just one routine and default way of making canvas prints.


Here are 5 of the most creative ways to personalize your canvas prints:


1. Color splash canvas prints

Color splash, because the name suggests, involves a burst of calories a selected place or form of the canvas prints. The remainder of the image goes into black and white or sepia while a particular space is given a ‘splash’ of color to actually create it stand call at a really trendy and distinctive method. color splash canvas prints extremely provide you with the possibility to showcase your creativeness and imagination with some terribly cool ideas. Get thinking and see what you’ll be able to come back up with!


2. Filmstrip montage canvas

The filmstrip montage canvas art is undoubtedly elegant and chic. Taking the classic black and white filmstrip colors, it presents 2 or 3 of your photos in a sequential ‘roll’ effect; the perfect way to tell a story through your photos. Their elongated shape means that they can work brilliantly in a whole number of rooms and can fit almost any color scheme. In particular, baby photos look stunning on the filmstrip montage, perhaps narrating the growth of the toddler from birth to his or her 3rd birthday.


3. Panoramic canvas prints

Panoramic canvas art is absolutely timeless and truly inspirational. Its unique shape really captures the emotion of a particular moment caught on camera. There is something almost magical about 3-meter-wide panoramic wall art that takes you back and blows you away every time you view it. An instant and energetic visual impact that is unrivalled by any other home interior idea. Photos of any occasion and any number of subjects work brilliantly on panoramic canvas prints, and this is without a shadow of a doubt the most striking and beautiful way to immortalize your best photos.


4. Che Style Pop Art portrait

Che style is a very simple but effective idea that takes your photo and gives it the Pop Art effect emulating that of Che Guevara’s iconic portrait. A striking and vibrant color is used for the background whilst the main subject is put in black and white for a dramatic contrast. The results are truly extraordinary.


5. Collage canvas prints

Are you sitting reading this thinking, ‘I have too many great photos! What should I do?’, then the photo collage is definitely the one for you. Use any number from 2-60 photos – yes, that’s right, 2-60 – and witness the amazing photographic reproduction on canvas. You can either arrange the photos yourself, choose a random montage, or a canvas art designer can create a canvas prints montage for you. Baby photos also look brilliant on a photo collage, as do wedding photos and family photos.


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