5 Creative Ideas for Lead generation in Content Marketing

Lead generation forms a critical component in the success of any content marketing strategy. Many people think having unique and high-quality content is enough for attracting potential customers. However, this is far from true if it doesn’t reach potential customers with the right messaging. Leads to business are only possible if the brand can capture the reader’s contact information.

This has become a challenge nowadays as people have become more protective of their information than ever before. Thus, brands need creative lead-generation ideas if they wish to attract and convert their content readers into future customers. This is why some creative lead generation ideas for getting leads to business are presented below.

Creating a quiz: Brands can give their lead generation a boost with content marketing. They can give people the opportunity to talk about themselves by creating a quiz. The quiz can take the form of a direct email, a social media post, or simply a small addition to the official website. Brands can test the knowledge of prospective customers or just survey them. They will be said to provide their email address to take part.

Providing exclusive content: Everyone knows that people love getting their hands on something exclusive. It can be some type of gift or getting access to something people can’t get anywhere else. The same can also be said about content. Brands can add value for their visitors by giving them information they’ve never read before.

Solving a problem: Once brands attract visitors who are interested in how it solves a particular problem, you can convert them to leads by helping them solve that problem themselves. They can use this for both B2C or B2B lead generation by offering a resource in exchange for contact information. These offers are enticing and effective at generating leads as readers of those posts are likely searching for solutions to that same problem.

Using review platforms: Leads have to find brands in order to become their potential customers. A simple Google search will bring up brands as well as their competition in a particular industry. For brands to set themselves apart, they can use customer reviews. Brands can encourage their existing client base to spread the word about their products or services by leaving positive reviews.

Leads from social media: Brands normally use paid social media advertising to attract visitors. However, not many know that these platforms can also offer ways in which visitors can be converted instantly. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer in-platform lead-generation tools. For instance, Facebook’s CRM software can help sales teams immediately follow up with any leads generated through Facebook’s lead ad campaigns.


The above lead generation ideas are more than enough to generate valuable B2B and B2C leads. However, brands should work with reputed lead generation agencies if they want to make it big. These agencies know what attracts visitors and what converts them, which helps brands implement their strategies in a professional manner.