5 Common Myths & Facts on Home Workouts That You Should Know


Whenever you look at the mirror, does the extra body fat make you sad? Want to get rid of the fat and again wear the fashionable dresses that you haven’t worn for a long time? Well, a workout can burn the excess fat and help you to be in shape. Not having the time to go to the gym? Not to worry! You can achieve your goals with at-home workouts.

Home workout can help you more than one way. But are the stigma surrounding at-home workouts along with the myths preventing you from turning your living room into your personal gym? Working out at home can actually yield results. Still not convinced? Here, we have listed down a few myths and facts about at-home workouts –


Myth 1: You can get a better workout at the gym

It is a common belief among people. A gym indeed has a number of machines and equipment that can be used to exercise. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment or can’t afford a membership, you can easily workout at home. In fact, at-home workouts can be more beneficial as they can be done at any time and are cost-effective for you. With this, you can workout at your own pace without bothering about who is looking at you.

Myth 2: You have to workout at-home the same time every day

It is true that dedication required when trying to achieve your goals, and it is applicable for fitness goals too. However, your workout routine and timing does not have to be set in stone. You can have some flexibility to your workout routine. Each day is not the same day and you don’t have the same energy level. A hectic day at work will surely leave no energy for you to exercise. You can’t force yourself to perform a high-intensity workout on such days. Instead, stay active by going out for a walk or just try to climb the stairs to ensure you do a little bit to get your body active.

Myth 3: The more you workout at-home the better the results

When you workout, you are taxing your muscles. And usually, muscles require 24 to 48 hours to recover after an intense workout. Not allowing them to recover will increase the risk of injury. So, exercising or working out daily will not contribute to developing a fit body, but will cause the muscles to become weaker resulting in serious injuries. In place of working out every day, do something to stay active.

Myth 4: Gym equipment are always a better solution

There are number of exercises that can be done without using gym equipment and still, you can achieve your fitness goals. You can always get involved in push-ups, crunches, squats, jumping jacks, etc. to stay fit and active. All these moves can help in diverse ways and one of the prime ones of them is burning excess calories. All these can be performed at home without the gym equipment.

Myth 5: Stretching isn’t necessary for at-home fitness

Stretching is good for you. However, many people believe that at-home workouts are less intense, so you don’t need to stretch. Workouts, whether performing at home or gym, are as intense as you make them. So, they require stretching. Make sure to warm-up properly and then stretch after working out. It will help in faster muscle recovery and prevent injury.

You can’t believe something about at-home workouts just because people are saying so. Try to uncover the facts behind the myths so that you can perform at-home workouts or women full body workout at-home properly without having a doubt in mind. Start working out today!


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