5 benefits of having cactus and succulents at home

Houseplants are a great addition to bring great visual appearance and greenery into your home. However, growing indoor plants and caring for them properly might seem like a challenge. Most urban apartment dwellers prefer hassle-free cares while yet reap the benefits of having indoor plants. Cactus and succulents are low maintenance and easy-to-raise plants that can make gorgeous additions to your indoor plant displays.

We have recently moved into an apartment on Budge Budge Trunk Road where I have a collection of pretty cacti and succulents. Though there are a lot of myths regarding having cactus at home, they have a wide range of physical as well as emotional benefits to offer us if placed in the right place.

  1. Improve air quality:

Cactus can absorb our respiratory waste (carbon dioxide) and reverts it into fresh, clean oxygen for us to breathe. Experiments showed that growing plants inside the home can benefit people who suffer from breathing difficulties and other respiratory complications. Indoor cacti plants can reduce air impurities by 50% and lower dust and bacterial build-up. Some plants keep producing oxygen throughout the night. So, placing them in your bedroom can ensure an extra boost of refreshed air during your sleep.

  1. Help in healing:

Cactus and succulents have healing properties that infuse a sense of calmness and relaxation. Plants like Agave are used as a natural antiseptic while aloe Vera plants’ gel alleviates sunburns, cuts, and bruises. Plants in hospital rooms have been shown to aid in quicker recovery. The presence of succulents and cactus at home require less pain medication while people experience lower blood pressure, heart rate, less fatigue and anxiety.

  1. Reduce stress:

As the pandemic has hit again, being stuck inside the home without any sign of greenery might lead to much stress. The cutesy and colourful appearance of cacti decreases stress-related depression and helps you feel uplifted. Taking care of plants can give you a sense of accomplishment and make us become more empathetic towards the world around us. Being busy with plants and deciding light requirements, appropriate pot size and soil, water requirements will distract your mind from negative thoughts.

  1. Prevent diseases:

Succulents or cacti plants can reduce flu-like symptoms, headaches, fever and coughs. Water released by plants contributes to 10% of the moisture in the atmosphere. More plants at home lead to increased moisture which can improve common health complaints including dry skin, colds, sore throat, dry cough, itchy skin etc.

  1. Improve focus:

The colour and texture of succulents and cacti plants can calm your mind and make you feel relaxed. An excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the air can cause restlessness, anxiety and headache. This might make you less productive. Whether you are working from home or office, keeping some potted plants on the desk can help you focus better. Studies revealed that memory retention; concentration, attentiveness and brain capabilities get enhanced with the presence of plants in the room.

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