4 Useful Tips to Know about Hiring an Awning Service in Hampton Park, Victoria


Windows might have taken the spotlight but the awnings do not get the same spotlight. The fixture has a myriad of benefits and they are multi-functional, to say the least. Letting the original air in like an air conditioner, the installation cools inside and outside at the same time. So, awnings are an effective solution for protecting your house from rain and sun. Moreover, the valuable shade restricts 65% of the harmful UV rays. Not only can you surround your family with a healthy environment but your pets will enjoy it.

However, what are the things to remember before installing an awning? If you are going to call the service of awnings Hampton Park for the first time, you need to go through the following tips.

Check the Location of Installation

It might seem obvious to you but you really should figure out the place of installation. Generally, the customers place the awning over a door or deck. Of course, you can contact the service provider to understand whether the fixture will fit the location. Additionally, check whether the shade is going to provide the same degree of protection as you are looking for.

Ask Which One Suits your Demand

Evaluating your requirement, the service provider picks the perfect solution for you. Do you want to pick a manual or motorised? There are people relying on the manual option and it does not need electricity on the decks. You can save on the electricity costs but the whole package is pretty expensive. In many cases, the home owner’s association does not allow manual awning. For this very reason, customers are showing interest in the motorized awning. Many service providers have run surveys and the customers buying this option seem happier. The main reason for the popularity is convenience! At present, customers can use their smartphone or a specific app to control the shade. Of course, there is no use of arm muscles. The motorized version is a gateway to save some money and the features are exciting for the customers.

Remember the Place of Mounting

Where are you going to mount the awnings? This is one of the valid questions circulating your mind. The awnings can be mounted on the roof above the gutter or to the outside wall. It is one of the essential things to figure out because the decision will affect the pitch or height of the product. When you are going to install the awning, the mount will make a huge difference.

Notice the Details Well

When you are going to install a retractable awning, you can be happy with a wide range of colours. If there is a dark awning, the shade will reflect the sunlight more than the lighter colour. Considering the exterior of the house, the entire design of the shade must be chosen. Additionally, the colour needs to complement the entire design. It is important to choose the awning in a way that the shade will offer the expected coolness easily.

If you are going to call the service of awnings Berwick, the above-mentioned tips will help a lot. So, give the professionals a call now!

Author bio: Jonathan Mullen is a regular blogger who has published many articles on the different types of awnings offered by awnings Berwick. Here, he talks about the tips to keep in mind before hiring the service of awnings Hampton Park.