4 Reasons Why You will Use an Islamic Radio App in Canada

Do you want to heal your anxious soul by listening to Quran recitation? Or, do you want to hear good words from Islamic scholars? Or, do you love to listen to Islamic music with your family members? Whatever your need is, CIDAC, an exclusive app, built for the Islamic community, can meet your needs effectively.

Besides, with this Islamic radio app in Canada, you will be notified if there is any live lecture or meeting with an Islamic scholar on a particular subject. And if you have any queries regarding that topic, you can ask via email or Whatsapp and get your answer in Arabic or English from a scholar.

If you are wondering whether to use this app only to listen to Islamic radio, then you need to enhance your understanding of this app. Being a new-age exclusive app, CIDAC not only allows you to listen to the radio but also in other ways. Here, we have listed down a few reasons for using this app –


  1. Helps you find local Mosque and Masjid

If you are new in a place and want to go to the nearest masjid but finding it difficult to locate it, then this app will help you a lot. By turning on the location option or mentioning the location, you can easily locate the nearest mosque and masjids in your areas. Besides, it will provide you the year of establishment, contact details, opening days and hours, and a small description of the masjid or mosque.

  1. Expands your understanding of the pillars of Islam

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world. Although the roots of this religion go back further, generally scholars date the creation of Islam to the 7th century. Though it is one of the youngest of the major world religion, there are a lot of things to know about this religion, especially the five pillars. These pillars include the profession of faith (shahada), prayer (salat), alms (zakat), fasting (sawm), and pilgrimage (hajj).

  1. Makes you aware of the announcements

Knowing the latest announcements will never be difficult for you with Canadian Dar Alfatwa centre announcements app. It will help you know all announcements in your mentioned city. Be it events in your community, updates on projects accomplished in the city, or even death announcements and where the funeral will take place, you will get all the information in one click.

  1. Answers your Shariah questions

When you submit a shariah question, your answer will be delivered by a Sunna Islamic scholar to your email. And you choose either a private or public mode. When you choose the private mode, the question and answer will not be posted in the app, while with the public mode, you will also receive an email of the answer and it should be posted in the app. Besides, you can submit shariah questions in Arabic as well.

You could also know the local prayer time, along with sunrise, sunset, and iqama times, locate local businesses, and donate for a specific cause. All these can be done in the blink of an eye with this app. So, what will you do now? Yes, download CIDAC!

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