4 Places That You Should Add to Your Bucket List during a China Adventure Tour

China is not only a land of mystic mountains, dry and barren deserts, beautiful grasslands, and spectacular skyscrapers but also the country of adventure. Abode to some of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes, it is no wonder that more people will head to China to explore many adventurous things to do here.

If you planning to take a rest from your busy life and embrace adventurous activities while visiting a new land, then you should take part in a China adventure tour. But before you book a tour from a reputable travel company, take a look at the place that you should visit during the adventure trip –

  1. Chengdu

There are countless options for sightseeing in Chengdu. You can visit the historical streets and sites of Chengdu – the capital of Ancient Shu for thousands of years. Though it is an adventure tour, would you like to miss the chance of relisting Sichuan cuisine that is among the top four Chinese cuisines? Obviously not? This is why a food tour will definitely be a highlight. Sichuan opera and the face-changing show is also a must-see that you don’t want to miss. Chengdu panda base is the breeding center that has the most giant pandas of different ages in the world. You can visit the panda base early in the morning and witness their activities.

  1. Four snow mountains

You will explore the Gongga Mountain that is also known as ‘King of the Mountains in Sichuan Province’ and its famous low-latitude modern marine glaciers in Hailuogou that is believed to have formed 1,600 years ago. You can also visit Mt. Genie, the real untamed paradise. After witnessing ‘the last pure land on earth’, you can visit the highest peak of Mt. Meili. Each of the snow-capped mountains has its strong identity and you will experience snow mountain scenery that will take your breath away.

  1. Discover off the beaten track

Do you want to visit less explored and off the beaten track? The breathtaking beauty of China is hidden in some unknown places waiting for people to unveil. You can hike in some remote areas that are not well-developed as a tourist destination. Mt. Genie is absolutely the virgin land elapsed by the world making it a perfect adventure destination. It is a sacred place in nature and a fantastic place for adventure.

  1. Shangri-La

When you cross the Shangri-La area from east to west, you will come in contact with various ethnic groups, from Hui, Han to Yi, Kangba Tibet, and GuiQiong Tibet. In this ethnic corridor, you will not only see the change of nature scenery, changing from plain to highland but also feel the change of the vibrant minority culture. You can interact with local people, visit nomadic tents, and chant in the temple with lama and monks. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

You can also visit Yading, Xiangacheng, Pudacuo national park, and different other places. If you want to witness eccentric natural scenery along with endemic flowers, you can take part in a China nature travel trip and satiate your thrust for wanderlust.

Author bio: Bolin Zhao is a tour guide in China and often writes on China nature travel trip. In this write-up, he has mentioned a few places where you should not fail to visit during a China adventure tour.

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