4 Destinations to Add in Your Lost When Planning China Adventure Tour

What destinations to consider when planning China Adventure Tour? Read below to know more about the places to consider for adventure tourism in China.
Tourist locations to visit in China are an overwhelming journey, with culture and tradition dating back to the dawn of civilization. Mysterious sites that transport visitors back in time to see some of the world’s oldest and most respected artifacts. For ages, there has been a great deal of intrigue, mystery, and interest linked to locations to visit in China.


China has been a source of inspiration and adoration for many visitors who have gone out into the unknown in pursuit of a mystical place in the East since the medieval era. Although that mystical continent may have been explored and laid out for us in the twenty-first century, the fascination with tourist destinations in China has not faded. Therefore, if you are planning China Adventure Tour, you should not leave these places mentioned below.


The Terracotta Army

Wouldn’t it be incredible to see an 8,000-strong army frozen in time for the past 2,000 years? Yes! A complete army of warriors, generals, and horsemen sculpted in remembrance of the fallen troops, immortalizing their sacrifices for Qin Shi Huang, China’s first known ruler.


Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the world’s seven marvels, and for good cause! A 6,000-kilometer-long wall erected 2,000 years ago is an astounding architectural marvel that would be nearly hard to reproduce even now. The Great Wall of China not only attracts foreign tourists who are awestruck by such a masterpiece, but it is also a haven for history and architectural buffs who want to comprehend the complexities of the wall that has been built and renovated over the years.


West Lake, Hangzhou

In Hangzhou, China, visitors will find a lovely lake surrounded by temples, pagodas, gardens, and mountains. Locals have adored the location for so long that it has been dubbed “heaven on Earth.” What West Lake does is showcase the charm, mysticism, and unspoiled beauty of Southern China’s vast and pristine interior. West Lake, one of the most beautiful sites to visit in China, is related to a tale that portrays it as the only gem to have fallen on our planet.


Leshan Giant Buddha

More than 1,200 years ago, a massive 230-foot-tall Buddhist monument was erected in Leshan, Sichuan. The statue was part of the first Buddhist temple to be erected on Chinese soil. For first-time visitors, the colossal towering image of Buddha sculpted in a sitting pose is a striking sight.

National Park of Zhangjiajie

We’ve all watched the film Avatar and been captivated by the strange-shaped mountains that seem to float in the air like a floating enigma. The pillar-like rocky-cliff constructions in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park served as inspiration for those mountains. It is one of the rare tourist attractions in China that not only perplexes visitors but also geologists who strive to explain the strange pillar-like mountains. Apart from that, you can also do Panda Habitat Ecotour.


Isn’t each of these tourist destinations in China a fantastic journey in itself? Travelers who like China feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that the nation has more experience than you can manage in a single lifetime.

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