3 Ways to Be a Better Mentor to Your Employees

Businesses don’t just run on perfect employees. As they tend to get better with the perfect guidance from the leader who is mostly above them and assisting them. He or she might be a mentor and that’s a good thing to happen. But is it all right to guide the employees in whatever way it is necessary? Nope. That’s the most absurd and useless way to do so. If you are a mentor yourself and trying to do mentor better, here are 3 ways to be a better mentor to your employees.

Let them make mistakes:

A keen sense of trying and failing has its own advantages. Learning a problem to the roots again and again is better than just looking for the answer. If you are a business leader and seems like you should mentor your employees, don’t go all the way to teach them everything. It’s their job to learn from their mistakes so that they can familiarize themselves with errors and what not to do. This technique of mentoring is proven useful for a 70% better learning rate. Aside, when it goes out of the hand you should surely lend your hand for the help. Till that, hold your horses and let them ride alone.

Be hard and Encouraging, not rude:

Most mentors are rude to their employees. Aside from the bad impression and idea of losing the business, the other thoughts are not so helping at all. Thus if your job is to mentor someone or your employees stop being rude if you already are. There is a point and a reason for treating your employees in life that they will only learn from you. And that is to appear good and patient in front of them and help them. Be hard on them. Give them a lot of tasks. Give them overtime for work. While at the same time, give them the necessary courage and will power with a bit of inspiration to keep their jolts up and working. Now that will help to improve your employees’ performance.

Mentor them so that they can Mentor Others:

Teaching something to someone just for the knowledge and guidance is good. But not that well good and future proof. Mentoring is easy when you just help your employees or some other person. But mentoring along with inspiration and work guidance is hard to spot and find as your employees might reflect your nature of teaching to some other person via your employees. And it will surely not look good at all. As the person from who your employees have learned will not be that worth of a mentor. Thus, teach your employees in such a way so that they keep the calibre and enough inspiration in themselves to inspire others in the same way. Just as you did it.

There are lot of ways to be a better mentor but these 3 will give you the right and power to directly inspire your employees. You can also follow the pioneers of this field like Brian Paes Braga and others in order to learn more. Canadian entrepreneur Brian Paes-Braga serves as Principal, Head of Merchant Banking at Stream Asset Financial, a leading Canadian alternative asset manager.