3 Types of Leather for Sofa Beds (Which Is Best for Your Home?)

Leather sofa beds are widely popular among Toronto homeowners. So, if you are planning to buy one for your living room, it pays to know what kind of leather you want.

The quality of leather will vary depending on where it comes from and how it was made. So, in this post, we discuss three different types, including their characteristics, to help you make the best purchase.

Let’s get started.

Classification of Different Types of Leather for Sofa Beds

Leather is one of the most popular materials used to upholster sofas, couches, armchairs, and footstools. It is durable and comfortable to sit on because it acclimates to our body temperature. Different types of leather are used to build sofas including full-grain, top-grain, split, nubuck, bonded, and faux leather. Here, we discuss three leather types in different price ranges to consider when visiting sofa stores in Toronto.

  1. Top-Grain Leather

Also known as full-grain pigmented or corrected grain leather, top-grain leather is one of the most popular types of leather when it comes to making furniture.

Derived from the hide’s top portion, it is considered the best quality because an animal’s skin is usually strongest at the surface. It is also more refined in appearance than other types of leather. After a hide is tanned, it is then buffed to smooth the surface and remove any imperfections.

This buffing gives sofas and couches made from it a very soft texture and extends their life. It’s more like polished leather than full-grain.

One of the best things about top-grain leather is that it is very durable and easy to maintain. It is typically treated with a protective coat or finish to maintain its natural pigment and quality. Therefore, you don’t have to polish your couch as often.

2. Split Grain Leather

After the top grain layers have been removed, split leather is made from the remaining layers. This type of leather is a bit rougher in texture than full-grain and is therefore less expensive.

Split-grain leather has a lighter colour, tends to feel more like suede or fuzzy leather, and is shinier than top-grain. It is processed to simulate the feel and appearance of top-grain leather, the result being an even-textured leather without any natural variations.

This type is susceptible to damage by stains and scratches. That’s why a protective coating is used to increase its durability. It is best maintained by using quality leather cleaners and polishers.

3. Nubuck 

Nubuck is almost similar in appearance to suede but comes from different parts of the hide. It is a type of top-grain cattle hide leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side to give it a velvet or suede-like look. It has a more uniform appearance because the exterior is sprayed with a finishing agent.

It is cheaper than full-grain leather. However, nubuck is better quality and more durable than suede because it comes from the top portion of the hide. It is treated with chemicals to improve its resistance to stains and water.

As per our experts in modern sofas in Toronto, a good leather sofa bed should last at least 20 years. With proper care and maintenance, they can last up to thirty. Are you planning to invest in a leather sofa bed for your Toronto home? Be sure to keep this information in mind to choose the best one for your home.

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