3 Things to Keep in Mind to be a Health Literacy

Being in the fitness industry for a long while now I have realized that people are unable to understand the difference between being fit and being healthy. The main cause of this is the “lack of Health Literacy” World Health Organisation is revamping the world health sector by initiating and hosting various educational events and programs to advance this mission.

Though things are changing, people every day are making healthy choices, are understanding the importance of workout and physical fitness, still, the “primary factor” is uncovered. Regular medical checkup, visit a medical professional even in the case of minor fever or sneezing is equally important. Being a health literate is an important factor in a person’s overall health.

Here are a few ways to promote health literacy for overall community health:


The main problem with knowledge is it is ‘incomplete’. People only have little to half information and the main reason for its happening is they are scared to ask a new question.

The fear that they might look dumb or people might make fun of them is why this knowledge is not increasing.

Think of all those situations when you being at a public event heard of something new, because of no information you were a mute spectator. Later you preached the same information to your fellow friends.

Now think about it was the information that you heard complete? Was that even authentic? You never checked the facts and figures.

This is the exact situation happening to us in the health sector as well during the visit to the doctor for a regular check-up, motivate and push people to ask more questions to make sure that when a doctor asks you to take a particular medicine you should know why.

Gyms or fitness studios are the most approachable point of contact when the person thinks of fitness, so it is necessary to start health literacy right from that point.


According to research, for 58% people the internet is the only source of information. So what do you get when you type “why is my scalp bleeding?” you can get answers which can make you believe that you might have cancer. And the actual reason is as simple as Dandruff.

Internet searches contain information about everything under the stars but when it comes to health literacy, it is vital to consult a doctor. Obviously, there will be situations when the doctor won’t be available at the need of the hour. List of emergency contacts, including a list of community resources, local clinics, phone hotlines and websites to patients where they can find important health information.

Being in the sector it is important to put up such emergency contact details right at the entrance of the gym premises.


A great way to promote health literacy at your affiliate gym is to host an educational event, you can call a professional as a guest lecturer, this is not only an amazing way to promote health literacy but also gives an added bonus of brand image. These events for the public act as an amazing source of lead generation.