3 Strategies of Overcoming OCD Compulsions in 2022

What is the best therapy for OCD? Read below to know some tips for overcoming OCD compulsions.


Many people casually mentioned obsessive-compulsive disorder, such as “I’m so OCD about cleaning veggies.” Obsessions and compulsions, on the other hand, can be crippling for people who suffer from the illness.


Doctors frequently fail to diagnose the disorder, and sufferers conceal their symptoms; it generally takes 15 years or more for individuals in need to receive treatment, which is unfortunate because OCD can interfere with, or even debilitate, their capacity to operate. The good news is that treatment can help to control this disease and change people’s lives.


There are still some strategies of overcoming OCD compulsions, no matter how frustrating the situation becomes. There are several self-care recommendations for OCD that might assist an individual in gaining control of the circumstances at hand.


Maintain an OCD Journal

Some individuals keep food journals to keep track of what they eat every day while on a diet; an OCD notebook serves the same purpose. An OCD notebook can help you keep track of your triggers, discover new ones, and analyze the overall status of your OCD. Carry your OCD diary with you wherever you go and write down what happens when you perform a compulsion.


Redirect Your Attention

If you are suffering OCD compulsions or obsessions, or if you suspect that one is developing, attempt to shift your attention away from the issue. Refocusing your attention can be accomplished either physically or cognitively. If you still feel the desire to accomplish your preoccupation at the end of the refocusing phase, consider repeating the session.


Refocus Your Attention Physically by:


  • Performing jumping jacks
  • Get up and stroll around while humming a tune
  • Use a fidget toy or a comparable little thing to pass the time.



Refocus Your Attention Mentally by:


  • Make a list of everything you see.
  • Name every color that comes to mind Spell your name and the names of your friends backwards
  • Recite the alphabet backwards



Prevention of Exposure and Reaction

ERP is a typical method of confronting and maybe alleviating OCD. When employing ERP, the user exposes himself or herself to a scenario that leads to an obsession and then refrains from engaging in the urge. Make an OCD ladder by putting your concerns and subsequent triggers on a 10-rung ladder in descending order of intensity from 1 to 10.


Begin ERP with a first-level trigger; once you’ve addressed your trigger, wait 10 seconds before employing your compulsion. Gradually increase the length of time you wait before utilizing your compulsion until you can do the work or address the circumstance without using your compulsion. As you conquer your triggers, you will move down the OCD ladder, and this is the best therapy for OCD.


When learning how to deal with OCD, reaching out for help may be really beneficial. If you’re feeling vulnerable or helpless over your health, building a strong support system and being connected to people you trust can help. OCD support groups are also quite beneficial. Of course, seeing a certified therapist who is knowledgeable and trained in OCD treatment is always a good idea.