3 Smart Marketing Tips to Expand Your Business on Instagram

A Hull marketing agency can help you to grow your Instagram account with useful content and stunning visuals.

Instagram is fast becoming one of the best platforms for growing your business. More than one billion people use it every month and many of them are your potential customers. Used correctly, it is possible to organically grow your audience of quality followers who are keen to buy your product. However, it does require consistency and hard work.

Working with a Hull marketing agency

As a business in Hull, a marketing agency can help you to harness the excellent conversion rates that Instagram offers. With rates of between 1 and 2 percent, this is higher than both Twitter and Pinterest. The agency can help you to identify your target audience and speak directly to the issues that they are facing. An agency can also help you to avoid the mistakes that so many new businesses make. They think that growing Instagram is all about increasing the number of followers but that is not actually the case. Having targeted followers and plenty of sales is what you are aiming for.

They will recommend that you spend plenty of time on Instagram researching your ideal client. Then, pick the accounts that they engage with them most often. Find a gap in the market. What is missing in this niche? What content is working in this niche and what is failing? It is important to learn from what others are doing. Using this information, you can devise a plan to help you move forward.

The marketing agency can also guide you in using Instagram stories and Instagram live. Video is a highly effective marketing tool and your business will have to use it if you are going to be successful. Valuable and unique content will help you to stand out in the marketplace and you will soon be viewed as an authority in your chosen niche.

Three ways in which a Hull marketing agency can help

There are three ways in which a marketing agency can be of most use to businesses in Hull. Firstly, they can support you in finding and sharing already curated content. If you try to create your own content all the time, you will quickly run out of time and ideas. It can be exhausting and relentless. You will learn how to identify the leading authoritative accounts in your niche. Then you will share your content but you will add value for your clients by commenting on or adding to the original post. You could even reach out and suggest a collaboration with some of these accounts.

Secondly, the marketing agency can help with consistent sharing of content. Social media only works if it is constantly fed content and this task is often too time-consuming for business owners. As well as sharing content, it is important to engage with followers who take the time to comment on or share your material. This is an important part of Instagram marketing. Instagram enjoys around 58% more engagement for each follower than Facebook so this is an important aspect of your marketing strategy.

The third area in which a marketing agency can help is with your visuals. Instagram is all about what things look like and your account must be aesthetically pleasing. Your visuals should be consistent in both quality and style. You should have one colour theme running through your account. If you use a filter for your photographs, it must be the same one all the time or your feed will look untidy and disorganised. It is also important that you do not overcrowd your images and leave them looking clean and crisp.
Remember that your brand should be recognisable immediately with just a quick glance. You cannot expect followers to go looking for information.

To sum up, the takeaway message is that Instagram marketing must be a part of your general marketing strategy because it has so much to offer. With the correct support to develop your brand, create your own content, share relevant content and produce stunning visuals, you will soon reap the rewards.

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