3 Reasons for Signing Up for Qinghai Birding Tours

Interested in bird watching or trying to figure out what it is? Here are a few reasons for traveling to Qinghai for birding!


Do you often catch yourself looking out the window and feeling mesmerized by the birds? How do the beautiful creatures fly around, follow their route, and find a habitat out in the wild? The Qinghai birding tours provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

So, in this article, we mention the reasons for booking a slot in a Qinghai birding tour. Let’s read on!

Appreciation for Nature

When roaming around Qinghai, you might have a set of bird lists, to begin with. Ibisbill, Tibetan Partridge, Black-necked Crane, and Tibetan Snowcock are a few species ranking top on the list. But do not miss out on the places that give shelter to these beautiful birds. The search for Crested Tit Warbler, Gansu Leaf Warbler, and White-browed Tit Warbler will take you to Dongxia Forest Park. Amid the lush conifer woods, the shrubs and small forest species will keep you company. The Qinghai birding tour creates a wholesome experience and establishes a beautiful relation with nature.

While visiting Huzhu Beishan Mountains, Heimahe, Chaka, and other prominent places, you will be transported to a different realm. You will be surprised to see how the realm – so beautiful and enchanting – can be real on earth. Of course, the professionals will guide you to find joy in natural beauty. Meanwhile, the search for Chestnut Thrush, Northern Pintail, Henderson’s Ground Jay, and Chinese White-browed Rosefinch continues.

A Great Practice for Physical and Mental Health  

The Qinghai birding tours might go on for 14 days, but don’t worry about whether the itinerary is too hectic. All your time and energy spent watching birds will benefit your emotional, physical, and mental health. Spotting White-cheeked Starling or Rusty-necklaced Partridge around Chaka or Wenquan will get you going in the fresh air. Even if you pick up a slow pace, scenic landscapes and crisp air will refresh your mind and lower stress levels.

The guides take you to the best sites to catch a glimpse of endemic birds. In their beautiful company, it’s highly unlikely to feel bored. The whole tour is undoubtedly stimulating for the brain and rewarding for anyone tied to a tough schedule. Needless to say, bird watching keeps up emotional wellbeing and supplies an engaging social activity. Many studies show that bird-watching brings satisfaction in life.

Social Activity with Like-minded People

Finding someone excited about seeing a Tibetan Rosefinch or Tibetan Sandgrouse (just like you) is hard. Being unable to find like-minded partners might be some people’s reason to never go out for birding. But the best thing about the Qinghai birding tours is that you will travel with a group of people who share the same enthusiasm.

So, can you feel the thrill of adventure and exploring the unexplored in the air? Finding a new person is already a beautiful experience. And befriending someone who stays in another country is an invigorating journey. Not only can two people share their knowledge of birds in Madou or Nangqian area, but also learn from each other. In case you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry about – there is a lot to pick from fellow bird enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

The China bird watching tours create a wonderful journey for beginners or amateurs alike. Spending weeks with new friends and beautiful birds will be a rewarding experience to cherish for life. So, sign up for the birding tour organized by AbsolutePanda!

Author bio: Peter Wang is a bird enthusiast, and he has recently published an article on China bird watching tours. Here, he discusses the reasons for backpacking around with Qinghai birding tours organized by AbsolutePanda.


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